I started this blog back in November of 2009 with my best friend Cayla. Being an avid reader of fashion blogs, and a fashion enthusiast in general, I decided to start one up. I had a blog a while before this, but I was pretty unmotivated with posting and quickly lost interest. So when I went the second time around I chose to do a joint blog with my best friend to help out. As it ends up, Cayla was about as unmotivated with this blog as I was when I created my first one and quickly turned it over to me, and there you have In A Sweater Poorly Knit.

  As for me, I'm all frocks, heels, and ruffles in a sea of Northface jackets, Ugg boots, and oversized Christmas bows. I'm friendly, liberal, atheist, vegetarian, and open minded. I would love to work in fashion journalism and I love the quick movement of busy cities...but at the same time I enjoy the slow pace of the south. I strive to attend NYU to major in journalism or creative writing. I'm obsessed with tights because jeans make me feel extremely uncomfortable, and heels because I like to feel taller than 5'6".

Quick FAQ:

Name: Cheyne. It's pronounced like the former Vice President of the US, Dick Cheney.

Age: 17

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Camera: Nikon D3000

Email: Shoot me over one or leave a comment and I'll get back to you! (:

Etcetera:  Weird woman. I love the feel of a velvet dress, the color "mustard yellow," and outer space. I've been vegetarian for over three years. While I do love Oklahoma, I plan on attending college in New York and completing a double major, Journalism and Economics. I love my job. I'm liberal, pacifist, atheist, etc.