Friday, January 21, 2011

California Analog Dream


  So it's been awhile! I know I've been on a pretty long break, but I really did need some time off from my blog. I don't think people realize how much time it eats up. But now I've finished applying to sixteen different colleges and things have slowed down a lot. I promise to make it up to you all! I promise to start posting regularly again. In fact, I have loads of pictures already stocked up to show you. Good thing too, because it's been snowing and taking pictures outside seems kind of unbearable right now. So here are some picture from when it wasn't eight degrees.

  I never really liked pants, but I do love these. In fact, I wore them on the flight to New York this summer. Is it weird that I remember that? Special thanks to gorgeous Jordan Wilson who pointed them out to me on the sale rack at Fossil this summer. Only $20 for beautiful pink pants, I will never regret getting these.

  Recognize this shirt? It's the matching one's Jackson and I bought from Urban Outfitters because we're gay. But I actually really like this shirt! It's pretty versatile and I don't wear it as often as I should. But when you've got as many clothes as I do it's hard to get a quick rotation. I swear I clean out my closet and I end up with more clothes than when I started. College is going to be fun trying to shove everything in one dorm. Ughghghg. Speaking of college, guess what! The admissions office at Columbia requested a phone interview with me! I am beyond nervous. But really excited also. :D

  Aren't these electric blue kitten heels just divine? I snatched them up on sale at Salvation Army, so I shouldn't be surprised that after a few wears the fragile tread piece on onee of the heels popped off, but I'm already so attached to them that I want to die just thinking about not being able to wear them anymore! Whenever I wear pants I almost always wear heels with them. I feel like pants make my legs look really short and so I wear heels to make up for it. Body image is a funny thing. I never really talked about it on my blog before, but I've always had really bad body image issues. And I think I'm just now realizing how much it's effected me. When I'm reflecting upon some of the thoughts I have about myself, I realize how unhealthy they are. Normal people don't think that way about themselves. The whole "I hate myself I'm ugly" thing just seems really cliche to me which is probably why it took me this long to figure out that I have a problem. But New Year New Me (I'm really into cliches tonight!) means I've been hitting up the gym (I've already lost three pounds...yay...), and I feel good. I just want to be happy with myself. I can't remember the last time when I honestly felt confidence with myself which is a bit sad. Trying to fix that!

  Moving out of my life story and back to fashion...I don't think you guys have seen this beautiful piece yet. This bow bracelet stole my heart as soon as I saw it on Spottedmoth, and I snatched it up ASAP. At only ten dollars how could it not be perfect? Mustard yellow is my favorite color and the way the rhinestones make the whole thing shimmer in the sun just kills me. Plus, who doesn't love a bow? Do you like bows? Come on now. I got tons of compliments when I wore it too, which is always nice.

  It feels good to be back. What have I missed? And you'll be happy to know that Maggie, Hope and I have gotten the Diving Swapping of a Blogging Sisterhood going again! And a snow day tomorrow means no school which means a blog post. Sending my love to you all! :D

What I'm Wearing:
Hot Pink Pants: Fossil
Two-Toned Oxford: Urban Outfitters
Electric Blue Kitten Heels: Salvation Army
Straw Sun Hat: Salvation Army
Skinny Brown Belt: Forever 21
Electric Blue Clutch: Franchesca's
Gold & Silver Chain Necklace: Target
Mustard Yellow Bow Bracelet: Spotted Moth 



Warhol said...

i wish you the best luck for that interview :D and i really like the outfit! the pants and the hat are awesome!

about the body image, is something that you have to solve yourself. having people saying that you're good and look beautiful and all that is good, but you feel like people are just saying that to make you feel good. i have a friend with the same problem and she's dealing with it a lot better now :D she started not to care about it and she's happier now!

about the bow: i'm not a bow person. in fact i don't like them at all, but this one is really cute. i think i'd want to buy it, but don't know if i'd actually buy it haha :D

kiss, warhol

ps: you're beautiful :D

amanda lynn? said...

i love all the bright colors. and that bow bracelet is seriously adorable.

Kenziefaith said...

Youuuu are stylish. My oh my, how I've missed your posts!

Kf x

simplyhope said...

Yay you are back to posting!!!! Lovely look:) Adore the colors and oohh those shoes are beautiful!

Also i got the polka dot shirt in the mail yesterday!!!

Jay said...

I love this!! SO chic :)