Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Can See You Learned Some Tricks from Those Boys Over in Europe

  Hmm, so I studied for my AP Psychology for six hours yesterday, until six in the morning -and then of all thingsn I slept in until 10:30! Ha, so no school today then which was nice. I read a lot of Hamlet and laughed at some political cartoons and swept the floor and watched House. I know, I'm so exciting! Here are the last of the warm weather pictures, I'm sure. It's been dabbling back in forth between hot and cold, but as of today I am sure that I better get used to cold legs for awhile.

  Some pretty field pictures make me feel better, I've been kind of sad lately for no particular reason, seasonal depression? I hope not. Halloween is quickly approaching, and I'm sad to say that my plans of dressing up as a kitty fell through. Full body hairy cat suits are expensive guys! So I'm just going to be Peter Pan which means: tights, pixie boots, green tunic and lost of imagination. This dress -oh, it's kind of sad! I got it from the Rodarte for Target collection last year, and the mesh top is tearing to bits. So sad! I wear it anyways though, it's too pretty to get rid of!

  Pretty striped leggings and combat boots that I wear too much. You guys getting bored with them yet? I'm not! Cutting this post short today, I need to clean my room (seems like it's always messy, ah) and study some more for my Psychology exam. Bye! (:

What I'm Wearing:
Cream Tulle & Lace Dress: Rodarte for Target
Peach Sequin Belt: Salvation Army
Black Vertical Stripe Thigh Highs:
Charcoal Combat Boots: Community Thrift


elanor, missing-lovebirds said...

i LOVE that dress, and those tights give the look a real edge. so cute.

xx elanor

P.S good luck with psychology!

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

Such a cute dress!
I love how delicate it looks. You styled it up real good lady :]

amanda lynn? said...

that dress is gorgeous and you look absolutely stunning in it!

Anonymous said...

i saw you at the blue jackalope and at the hell cactus but i'm just too timid and awkward to say hello

laaaammmmeee. i know. :)

Candid Phobic said...

Oh the dress is indeed pretty! Looking forward to pictures of you dressed as Peter Pan though I also think you'll look great as Tinkerbell :-)

Have a nice weekend Cheyne.

Amber Blue Bird said...

I love the combo of the girly dress with the striped kind of rockerish tights

Isabella said...

Such a pretty look, I love it. Great dress and tights!

projectvee said...

i love love love your rodarte dress :) hehe so whimsy and pretty!

smilli said...

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