Saturday, October 23, 2010

The End

  So congratulations Amanda of amandalynn? I'm so excited to send you all your goodies in the mail (: Oh guys, it's been such a wonderful and crazy week. I've practically been living with Katy and my routine has consisted of: pictures, concerts, family, creepy men harassing me for my number, dancing, parks, pictures, eating, trains, boys, pictures, Netflix, making cookies, boots, lace (lots of lace), did I mention pictures? I have so many to show you...PS BANDWITH EXCEEDED HA. Oh it's been such a good fall break. ACT in the morning and I'm feeling sick. Ugh.


Kenziefaith said...

Haha - I love this! Your outfit is too cute. You need to do like 02849380493 more videos. I love your personality - I'm like sitting here laughing to myself. Haha :)

KF x

amanda lynn? said...

OH MY GOSH IM SO EXCITED! I've never won anything before and im in love with the dress and i havnt gone shopping in forever so i have been blogging much so now i have a new dress for an outfit post!!! yay thanks so much im super excited!

Barboan said...

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