Friday, September 17, 2010

(GIVEAWAY) Your Two Eyes Are Like Two Doves

  Alright guys, take a good look at this dress and I hope you like it! Because it's for the giveaway! Kind of...see Larry and I went shopping for the sole purpose of finding you guys a lovely dress to wear (size medium). The small problem is that I only purchase clothes that I absolutely fall in love with (not difficult for me...). And I liked the dress I picked out for you all so much that I got it for myself too, ahh I'm so lame! I got it in a different color though, red for me and blue for you! So now it's not so shameful...and remember this is only part of what I'm giving away! You don't get to see anything else, because I want it to be a surprise! (: Of course when I announce the winner I'll show you everything I'm sending to them, but for now I'll let the suspense kill ya. (; Oh, and know the rules before you enter. Not really too much:
1. You gotta be a follower to be eligible. This giveaway is to celebrate the one hundred great guys and gals that follow me, after all!
2. To enter, just comment on this post and tell me something! Anything! Funny, sad, happy, about you, a friend, a stranger. Surprise me (the most interesting comment doesn't decide the winner...I'm going to use a random number generator)!
3. I'm going to copycat Maggie on the entry style, with a little variation. One comment is one entry, but if you reblog this post, then I'll bump you up to three entries! Please be sure and leave a link to the post. (:
4. Lastly, please leave me your name and email address. I'd be terrible if you won and I had no way of contacting you!

  I'm going to end the giveaway one month from now, to give everyone time to enter and spread the word! So it's running today, Friday, September 17th, to Friday, October 15th! 

  Happy Friday everyone! How was everyone's week? Mine was good even though I'm a bit bummed about tonight. I can't go to my school's football game because I have to work. Not that I don't have to work every weekend (life of a waitress...) or that I'm particularly into football, because I'm not. However, tonight is the big game of our school versus Union. We've only ever beat Union twice in the past twenty seven years. It's sad! The last time was two years ago and I was at the game! Union is a school district for kids who live between Broken Arrow district and Tulsa district, and they're considered our biggest rivals. I had really wanted to go tonight since it's my Senior year, and even though I don't care much for the sport, it would have been fun to hang out with my friends all night and paint my face and all that good, typical high school stuff.

  Writing all that made me so excited about the game, you guys have no idea! Anyways...I was bad and bought three pairs of shoes this week. Garrison today asked me if I spent any money on food or gas, since I'm always showing up with something new on my feet. HA. Well I had to have these, the leopard was screaming at me! There is this very stylish girl at my school who is super edgy and drives a '72 Camaro. How badass! These shoes reminded me of her. Larry said they where "So Michelle." Hhahahaha. But really, I did need a little injection of leopard in my wardrobe!

  Oh, did you notice that TIGHTS ARE BACK! For those of you who haven't followed my blog when it was less hot outside, I am an avid tights wearer. I have a whole drawer full in every color (although part of them are still in New York in transit...long story....) and I wear them with any and everything. Really, it's a bit sad. I don't care though, I love colorful and patterned legs! Did you guys check out that amazing ring? I'm wearing it right now and it's cheap from Forever 21 and turns my finger green, but I could never love it less. I get so many compliments on it! A majestic, elongated bird resting on my finger can always make me feel better. Wouldn't that make anyone feel better? Well, I've got to get ready for work, don't forget to enter the giveaway and have a great, great weekend!

What I'm Wearing:
Red Patterned Dress: Forever 21
Peacock Feather Earrings: Forever 21
Leopard Shoes: Forever 21
Golden Rhinestone Bird Ring: Forever 21
Gold and Opal Leaf Bracelet: Vintage
Black Tights: Wal Mart


S + Y said...

Ooooo, lovely look! Love that red dress! Oh god, don't even get me started about tights... I'm so obsessed with them too! Whole drawer full of tights... check. In every single color... check! :P

So happy you're doing a giveaway! Well I'm already a follower... so let me tell you something funny. Yesterday I got hit on the head by a teenage kid with Justin Bieber haircut. he decided to flip his hair in a crowded metro wagon and unlucky me, I happened to be right in front of this kid. It made a big BANG noise and I almost fainted right there and then... I'm ok now though, haha!



amanda lynn? said...

i love that look, so cute!
im excited about the give away i love that dress.

name: amanda

Amber Rose said...

Yuck-- I understand about the work-thing. I was a waitress for two years when I was in high school, and I can count on one hand the events that I was able to go to.. :/

On a lighter note, you look absolutely beautiful in your red dress! Great giveaway, too.

Tell you something.. Hmh...
When I was little, I though that a mustache was just overgrown nose hair and that it could be flipped up. ;)

maggeygrace said...

oooooooh........even if I don't win..I may have to buy this anyways :) eeep! It's gorgeous. May IIIII come to oklahoma and steal the red dress from you?? I'll swap you for my red blazer :)

Umm...umm...tell you something...HMMM.

Well. Currently I just slaved six hours on a Friday night to studying biology and chemistry. And the truth is? I don't think it's the right career path for me. If I could, I'd be spending all my hours writing.The point of this biology major thing with my minor in writing is that IF I decide not to persue medicine, then i can fall back on my bio major and be paid for technical writing while pursuing my writing on the side that I want to do.

Sigh. I hate having a plan:)

Collette Osuna said...

GREAT dress!!! LOVE LOVE the color and your shoes!!
I follow you on Blogger:)

You sound like my daughter...shes missed the first couple of football games for having to work as a hostess as well:(

Have a fabulous weekend!
Statements in Fashion Blog

Lai Ying (Leanne) said...

i saw the red one on you and thought to myself: O_________O I WANT IT.
looks hooot on you :D

great giveaway, im excited.
name: Leanne

Izzi said...

cute dress and shoes, i love the mixmatched prints

such a nice giveaway, I love the dress!!!


Kenziefaith said...

Soooo basically, I'm in love with this dress. It's so cute! & That red dress looks really good on you!

I blogged about your giveaway here: :)

My email is!

david-and-emily said...

love love love this dress! I would love to win!

Madison's Assortment said...

Really cute outfit!
Amazing shoes :)
Visit me:

Alex said...
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Omo said...

such a cute dress!
well to be frank, i love your style and would definitely want to be your best friend if i lived close!

Sarah, Bad Penny. said...

Those rings are KILLING ME. So hawt!
I can't wait to FOTOSHOOT with you! (: I love the dresses and i love michelle, she is such a babe! (: I partied with her at Of Montreal.

i love you!


Jay said...

This dress is gorgeous, hope I win!

Anyways something interesting...
We saran wrapped all my roommates clothes and made a snowman out of it.
pretty effing awesome.

eleanor said...

Oo, it's a lovely dress! The red is gorgeous on you.

Hmm, I'll tell you something strange... Why is it that I only just found your blog!? (Haha! I'm so glad I did!)


Mimi said...

hi!!! that dress looks perfect on you, my dear! :D

and yup, i am happy to be a follower of your blog! you have a super exciting giveaway, i would love to enter! :D

<3, Mimi

arami said...

okay, first, LOVE the dress, especially your outfit with the tights!

um something funny? well this was actually eerie, but do you know that song called Dance Like Michael Jackson? if you don't you should check it out. Anyway, it's a ringtone on my phone (I must add that I never hear it b/c my phone is always on vibrate) and on the day Michael Jackson died, I was in my house and sitting there in disbelief that he was gone. I just kept saying "I don't believe this, this isn't real, this is a joke, right?" Then my phone rang and for the first time in years, it wasn't on vibrate and Dance Like Michael Jackson came on... I'm 95% sure that MJ was trying to tell me something from the beyond, although I have yet to figure out what he wanted to say. Yeah, that's my story lol

I don't have a blog on blogger, but I re"tumbled" you on tumblr:

Ara :)

avril said...

i love that look, so cute!
Well i have a tattoo i got when i was 17 that hardly anyone knws about! But i love it im itching to get another one!

name: Avril

Audrey J. said...

That is a one gorgeous dress! Congrats for the 100 followers.

Well i can tell you that tomorrow i have to cover a conference for my college newspaper, it's supposed to be fun. But i'm going to have a LOOOOONG day...


Brooke said...
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Brooke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brooke said...

ahh that dress is beautiful.
hmm, well i'm currently searching for my first fixed gear. i'm absolutely mesmerized by all the bikes i can't choose one thats me, when i all i wanna do is learn how to ride! haha
name: brooke rimando
btw, i rebogged the post on my tumblr :)

Boheme.Fille said...


I'm a follower. This is a great giveaway, that dress is truly lovely! It looks so good on you, you styled it beautifully! I do the same thing as you, everytime I buy my brother's girlfriend something for her b-day, Christmas I buy it for me too))

Hope to win this, since it isn't a Forever 21 where I live.

My name is Mona, e-mail:

Check my blog too if you want:

Ebony said...

That dress is so splendid in red AND blue :) How cool! You look lovely. I just came across your blog via Maggie's - that girl is amazing so I'm guessing you must be too :)

Such a keen eye for thrifting - I am loving the dress in your last post too!

Hmm, something random. I've never read Breakfast At Tiffany's but am going to attempt it this evening. I have a copy from my blogging pal Tillie sitting next to me, with a book mark from another blogging pal. Gosh, isn't it wonderful?

Ebs xx

Annebeth said...

awesomeness! I love your leopard shoes and I'd love that blue dress!

something random... I just ate caesar salade and I'm wearing red underpants.

Isabella said...

I just recently started following your blog and I love it!! I love the dress that you are giving away it looks awesome.

Also something interesting.. well tonight I dressed up like my boyfriend for a Drag Ball at my college! I think that is interesting enough. :)

Sara Johnson