Sunday, September 12, 2010

Help the Loved One Fill Your Drawers


  Alright guys, it's time to show some love to these lovely Brooklyn babes. They're trying to start their own vintage-inspired lingerie line called The Loved One, think silky, satin & lace bra tops and bloomers. So beautiful. And YOU CAN HELP. They're using a website called Kickstarter which is really a interesting concept. People post their projects: how much money they need, what they want to do, videos, photos, rewards. They have a time limit (usually a month) to raise the money, and you can pledge how ever much you want to go towards their fund. The catch is: they only receive the money if they reach the goal they've set. If not, you don't pay a dime. You're pledging your money to them, and to their hard work! So check out these girls, I've already pledged $11. Every bit helps. And, when you pledge money, you get a special treat in the mail if they make their goal! Some of the goodies (depending on how much you pledge) include: vintage cuff-links, vintage earrings, a handmade bow brooch, cocktail recipes, vintage salt and pepper shakers, The Loved One bra and panty set, even a signed photo from their lookbook! Reblog this if you love sweet Brooklyn girls, vintage things, lace, lingerie, or all of the above... (: I hope to be able to buy from The Loved One soon! And make sure to check out their Kickstarter video (under the "Blog" tab) where you get to see Hannah making goofy faces and showing off some of their pieces, it's lovely! I wish I could embed it.

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hannah and landon said...

Thanks for the love, lady! I've added you to our list of loved ones here: :)