Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kick, Push

  This is what I did on Labor Day Weekend. What about everyone else? Share with me something that will make me smile...even if it's not related to LDW. Something good that happened to you today, a secret, a good outfit, anything. Reach out.



maggeygrace said...

I... went fishing with my family and family friends. And, in a lot of ways, spent it sort of like you. Running amok in my skivvies through the woods and leaping into a pond and standing under waterfalls. Yep:)

Awkwardly, however, I was first seen by a male in the form of my dad's 45 year old best friend. Ooops.

Second awkwardly, I was seen by Niklaas, his new exchange Brazilian student, and mother.

Double oops.

rebecca said...

i actually slept, for as long as i wanted, in my own bed. may be simple, but this hasn't happened for about... a week??
simple things are good (:


amanda lynn? said...

i really love that photo. but anways something thatd make you smile... hmm.. on labor day my mom and i went on a train ride back to my school. my poor little pup knew i was going to leave again so she would not leave me alone where ever i went. when i tried to leave the house she stood in front of the door and would not move! shes such a sweetie.

Cindy said...

great picture :)


ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

You're a great model :D
We haven't had Labor Day in Australia yet. Pity.

elanor, missing-lovebirds said...

this is a lovely photo; gotta say.

found you via maggie's page about your sisterhood! great idea! definitely gonna follow youuu.

xx elanor