Monday, August 9, 2010

Immaculate Collection

  I've been back for a week and I know I've been avoiding the blog. I've been kind of taking some time to readjust, so please forgive me. I really do miss the city, Tulsa actually kind of put me in a funk. While I do enjoy having my car back and being able to walk outside without shoes on, I would give anything to go back to New York. It's strange to think that in a year from now I'll be moving up there. A really big change, but one I'm okay with. I've spent the past week working, working, working and preparing for my Senior year. Today I went to the lake with all my friends and am typing to you with a sun red face and burns on my elbows and knees from tubing. So here's a collection of photos I did back in my apartment in Brooklyn that I miss so dearly. These weren't for the outfit (if a black slip from Target can be considered an outfit), but for the idea of a human body, being a really complex and interesting thing, in relation to a simplistic style and background. I was really inspired by a photograph I saw at the Guggenheim's Haunted exhibition called Mirror Piece I by Joan Jonas
  And thank you to all of you I met at Pratt who encouraged me to take these photos even when I thought my idea was silly, and also thank you for telling me which ones related the message and which ones looked like me dancing around in front of my camera. I miss you all so much, you have no idea. For the rest of my non-art-school-readers, I have a whole slew of photos coming at you soon! (:



maggeygrace said...

The last picture has to be my favorite. I really like these! They have such a rawness to them. It's honest and real.

I'm sure going back to high school is the least exciting thing you can think of. If it makes you feel better, once it's over, it's over, and there's no going back. Sometimes, as glad as I am to leave this crap hole, I still miss bits of it even when I was miserable through it all. The year goes fast :)

Estefany said...

Nice pictures! I love how they feel so personal.

Ali said...

Ohh, neat pictures! I love how you did them! :D

&& I feel the same way about Montana.. whenever we go up there, I don't want to come home. You are not alone!~

Sarah, Bad Penny. said...

These are stunning. LOVE!