Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Divine Swappings of a Blogging Sisterhood

What I'm Wearing:
Blue Graphic Zebra Print Tank: Target
White Eyelet Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Navy & Gold Belt: Goodwill
Thick Gold Chain Necklaces: Target


Amber Rose said...

You are too cute as you try to explain how to pronounce your name! And that journal is the best. :)

maggeygrace said...

AHHHHH! Okay, I know we have always said we are long lost sister blog soul mates and such, but it's official, I neeed to be best friends with you! Ahahaha! You made me laugh so many times and also, I just watched this with Niklaas and he thought it was so funny that he's in your video too. Oh, and because I was in your video, I feel so cool, just so you know. That just made my day. And I can't believe we were both wrong! Chain-ey! Yes! I've been calling you "Shane" for so long, this will take some getting used to :)

blog swaphood= @#!@#)&!@)#&!!!!

(that's my excitement summed up in no words)

Erika said...

Omg, LOVED it! Do more :D
This sounds like super fun, so have fun! Haha.

And yeaaa about your name, back when I first came across your blog I thought it was pronounced "Cheyenne" and I don't where, somewhere I read that it was like the vice pres. and yeah, it took a while to shift my mind to think of you as "Cheyne" not "Cheyenne." Haha.


morganne said...

You are adorable, I like how bubbly you are!
I'm looking forward too seeing you the swap! I love you and maggie, but i'll have to check the 3rd girl out. Have fun girl :)

and You're outfit IS really cute!

speakup or shut up said...


simplyhope said...

I LOVED THIS VIDEO!!!!!! You are too funny:) Alright Chain-y I will remember that! Ahahaha ignore the tampon box. I am super excited to get the package!!!!! This is so cool:D Keep making them videos!

Ana said...

hahah i didn't notice the tampon box :D but it's a normal thing right?
you reaally should have felt like you looked good that day, cause you really did :DD

Alex said...

hahahahaha that's so cool! I would love to do this with someone hahaha sad face :P