Friday, August 20, 2010

40 Day Dream

  How was everyone's week? Great I hope! I've spent about a week in school and already I'm feeling the stress...mostly it's just my AP Micro / Macro class. Mr. Robinette is a killer! But an awesome teacher, nonetheless.'s an old outfit. I wore this on the second day of school...and I've got to say, I looked SLAMMIN' on the first day. Don't you ever have those outfits where you just ooze confidence? It was one of those. Funny school has a dress code that I never follow because I believe in dressing for your body, not for skirts that are two inches past your finger tip. And my dress was too short. Of course I bluffed to the administrators and said I had a pair of shorts in my car, and I was told to go put them on and come check in with the office to make sure they where all right. This is all happening during lunch (when the administration is on the prowl) so I grabbed my friend Sofia and had her wait in the bathroom, pant-less, while I sported her shorts into the office. It worked like a charm!

  Luckily, that was just the first few days, and now they don't care so much. None of my teachers are really too concerned with dress code, unless your body parts are hanging out or something. I take all AP classes, so they treat us like adults with self-respect to dress. Just the administrators are hawks, so my friend Callie and I play this game called, "avoid the admins," during lunch when they prowl about. Then again, my high school (made up of only Juniors and Seniors, Freshman and Sophomores go to either North or South, not the "big" high school), does have over 2,000 students. It's in the top ten largest high schools in the nation...I like it that way. It feels more like college. ANYWAYS, enough babbling about school.

  Lace. Socks. So perfect. My friend Lindsey got them for me this summer when she was in Tokyo, thinking they where lace tights from the way they were packaged. When we opened them and discovered they where socks, I was almost even more pleased! I've been drooling over the cute ankle socks I've been seeing across editorials, and these are perfect! They're so tiny though! I feel like I might rip them, and I only wear a seven. Those Asians and their tiny feet. No offense. I love Asian food / clothes / the culture and people in general. It's unhealthy, but I can't help myself. Anyone who knows me knows I love Asians. Hahahaha. School has made me crazy. Can you tell by these pictures where I'm making weird faces in all of them? 

  So lately I've been a little obsessed with LA Ink...blame Netflix, but I can't get enough. I think Kat Von D is gorgeous, even if I would never get even 1/10 as many tattoos as she has, I just love her! Oh...and also, I got a Formspring...dun dun dun. I swore I never would, I do kind of think they are the stupidest idea. It's setting your self up for people to be mean to you anonymously. But, I'm using it solely for my blog, because sometimes when you guys email me I don't exactly respond in a timely fashion. I totally stole this idea from Sarah over at Bad Penny, I don't know why I didn't think of sooner. Durrr. Okay, so I've decided just to NOT post the link on Facebook or something. Because not too many of the people I know in real life read my blog, and the ones that do I love and trust. So...ask me whatever! I'll probably get around to putting in the sidebar. OH, and speaking of Facebook, you guys can add me if you want! I'm friends with a couple of bloggers like Frassy and the beautiful miss Erika Moreno of Dear Dear Closet, so you can search my name Cheyne Romero or just click here! Try and remember to add a personal note saying you read my blog or something, so I'm not like WHO ARE YOU? Now, have a grand weekend. Who's ready for fall? October sounds so good...

What I'm Wearing:
Grey & Black Button Detailed Dress: Target
Black Oxfords: Goodwill
White Lace Ankle Socks: Tokyo, Japan; a gift from Lindsey
Tassel Cameo Necklace: Modcloth
Neutral Cat-Eye Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren


Audrey J. said...

I love that adorable lace socks! Lace is so sexy and so cute at the same time. Enjoy senior year, it's the best of all!

maggeygrace said...

I love how you talk about the dress code and your rebelling sooo much. Hahah. It's amusing! I would be in trouble if I went to your school- we could sneak around together! Oh, the joy! But it's worth it- because you look so cute with your ankle socks and oxfords and sweet dress. I loveeeeee it.

The package is en route! Yay!!

Erika said...

:O I did NOT expect to see my name on this post. Lol. Thanks!! :D

A few notes now:
-HA! At your friend waiting in the restroom pantless, sounds like true friendship ;)

-Dress code: I was way too tired through high school to wear anything but jeans & tees. But, if I were still in HS now, I would def. be in trouble for short skirts. Thank goodness for no dress code in college! :P

-Love love the lace socks! I love anything lace, and you rock these!

The end. (of my novel.) ♥

Kate Maggie said...

I laughed so hard at this post. Go you! Sneaking past the admin..this should be in a movie or something. I love it. You look smokin, im glad you wore this outfit for your first day - you deserve to have all the confidence that you do! I love those socks too, what a nice friend to pick them up for you. I need to get some pretty ankle socks. Hope you're well, dear. x

Sweet Mess. said...

School dress codes are always the worst! My school thought shorts, skirts and dresses above the knee were inappropriate AND they didn't want anybody wearing tank tops at all. But people still got away with it lol. Love the outfit!

Amber Rose said...

I feel your pain-- we had a UNIFORM at my school. And not even a cute one! :/

I love the "dodge the admin" game, by the way. We used to play it, too.

I'm glad you had a good first day-- I love dressing and knowing you look gooood.

simplyhope said...

Oh the socks are ADORABLE! I have some lace socks too:) Also the oxfords were such a GREAT find!

Sarah, Bad Penny. said...

d00d, you look slammin everyday.

and i thought the same thing about formspring, but i really like the idea of just using it for my blog. and its been great. ive only gotten one negative comment, and im sure it was someone that i actually know just creepin. oh well! hahaha Sofia and her shorts, that's so priceless.

see you at school lovey.

ps: are you going to the free ghostland observatory show on the 3rd???!! (:

amanda lynn? said...

that is so funny about your friend in the bathroom! what a clever idea! and i love this outfit especially those lace socks! they are just so sweet. and i love your blog by the way, im a new follower =]

Jequise said...

the socks are fab and i constantly rebelled against dress code in school too!! you look gorgeous!