Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We're Tryin' to Sleep

I GOT RECOGNIZED FROM MY BLOG TODAY OMFG. Never thought that would happen. Hi Eleni De Castro! (: Uh does everyone hate me for not updating like I promised? Well school has kept my free time limited. I've had to write two short stories and read Grendel, which is actually really good! And I was sick yesterday and didn't leave the apartment. Wahhh. I went to Siren Music Festival on Saturday and it was so amazing! I got to see Surfer Blood, Pains of Being Pure at Heat, and Matt & Kim all for free out on Coney Island. I was at the very very front.... as in touching-the-fence front for Matt & Kim with my friends Lea, Leah and Carly. They were so amazing, and it's the first time I've seem them live. I touched Matt! And Kim came into the crowd and they did a cover of Biz Markie's Just a Friend and of Alice Deejay's Better Off Alone. Soooo good. Here are a mix of photos from a poetry reading my class had outside a while ago. You get to see my teacher eating a peach and Lea's tattoo and Gracie's tan lines...I have so many pictures on my camera I need to upload and one day you all are just going to get a huge photo post. No Siren pictures though, I was way to afraid to take my camera. Good thing too, because it would of died.

   A small story behind that fuzzy little bug. This caterpillar kept crawling on me when I was trying to write a modern poetic translation of a fourteenth century Scottish poem. At the half break we walked all the way across the lawn and set him on a flower, and by the last part of class he had crawled all the way back. We were amazed and everyone decided I was the little creature's mom. We were so sad to see him go but we put him on a tree and he disappeared into the leaves.


maggeygrace said...

I'm glad you're having such a fabbity fab time in New York- all that Coney Island and concert stuff sounds like a dream!!

I hope you feel better!
And enter my giveaway!! It would be a shame for you not to have a chance ;) you're one of my favorites :)!

Ali said...

I love cute caterpillars. They're so.. cute. And that one is no exception. <33 glad to hear you're having fun fun tymz!

Estefany said...

The first pic is perfect! Have fun in NY!

Kimberellie said...

What a fun post! Your school work sounds like a lot of fun! Cool on the modern translation. FUN!! Makes me want to go back to university and do another degree!

Also LOVE the caterpillar shot. Love those little creatures. So cute it loved you so!

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