Friday, July 2, 2010

The Citrus Drawing Out the Season's Stains

  This is the view from the top of my apartment building in Williamsburg. I'm going to start taking outfit photos here, and occasionally in the streets nearby. I oddly feel more comfortable walking around with a tripod here, where six or seven people will walk by me every five minutes, then I do at home in front of the house when one neighbor pulling into their driveway would scare me to the privacy of my backyard. I saw a lot of places that would be neat backgrounds during the two block walk to the fruit stand today. I'm already adjusting to the small differences living in my not having a dishwasher or laundry machine, and living without a sink in the bathroom. My roommate Carey is adorable! We like talking about clothes and cooking and getting annoyed with people most of the time. I'm fortunate to be able to room with her for the month!

  Here are a few photos from dinner with Jackson the other night, before I went into H&M and spent too much money. I also made two small sins at Zara today, on a beautiful, faded denim, strapless, eyelet-detailed dress and a soft and creamy black jumpsuit. Both were on sale and I think walking out of Zara having spent less than one hundred dollars is an accomplishment! Another accomplishment I made was navigating the subways from Jackson's place in Washington Heights to home here in Brooklyn. Must admit that I had the advantage of iPhone Maps...but still! It's around a forty five minute commute which isn't considered too bad here. It basically consisted of sitting on the subway people-observing and then a quick five minute walk to my place. This evening Jackson and I watched three episodes of Party Down on Netflix, and I'm slowly becoming addicted to that show. Also convincing myself that I need to get Netflix. Now for one last important thing. I know a couple of you have mentioned you live in or near the city. Just sayin' that I am totally down for blogger meet ups as long as you promise you're not a creep. We could go shopping or grab lunch or really just wander around anywhere. I need a girl friend to shop with because I think Jackson's getting a little tired of lounging around outside the dressing rooms while I try on twenty things.... (:


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