Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy Issues

I am seventeen today. Conjoined birthday party at the Boydell tomorrow with Callie and Katy and Sarah Riddleydiddlediddle and everyone else. Photos I promise. I still have ones stacked up on my camera from Callie, Katy and I's adventures being hipster and dancing and such. So so so excited! Everyone keeps telling me they feel like I should be older. Old soul syndrome. Ohhhh, she's only seventeen. Good news: got a debit card. Bad news: spending too much money on Urban Outfitters...bought bunny ears. Don't worry, it'll be good I promise. More good news: I'm ordering a tripod off Amazon! So maybe now I'll stop being so lazy with this blog. It's strange to think how quickly this summer is going. I feel like so much has happened in such a short amount of time. New York in t-minus ten days. I promise posts will be brilliant the entire month of July. It's New York. There's so much to write about and even more to photograph...goodnight!


magpie said...

Happy birthday!!! Wow, it's hard for me to believe I'm a year older than you haha :) I guess it's because you look older and from reading your blog, you write like you are too!! Which isn't a bad thing at all, you just sound mature for being just turned 17 :)

i'm so excited to read about new york!!! It's my dream to go there! Live for me:)

Candid Phobic said...

Happy Birthday! I miss being 17 hehe. Have fun in New York :-)

Sweet Mess. said...

Aw Happy Birthday ! Enjoy it ! & that's great maybe we can hang out sometime when you come to NY !