Monday, May 24, 2010

The Tulsa Club

  Long time, no see! School is finally overrrr. (: I got an 86% on my Pre-Calculus final so all the studying was worth it. And now I get to enjoy summer. Sleeping in and cooking and being tan. Only a month and six days until New York! I am so excited. And guess what I am doing on the Fourth of July? Seeing a free She & Him concert on the beach with my boyfriend. I don't think I could ask for a more perfect Independence Day, and Zooey Deschanel is going to be so wonderful I know it. She's my style crush + my boyfriend's celebrity crush.

  Today was really the first day of my summer because I'm working A LOT this month and June. Not being at work for the entire month of July, I need to save more $$$. But today I slept in until ten, hit the gym for the first time in way too long, cooked a veggie and rice mix, and went downtown with friends to horse around. I harassed Cayla into taking my photos for me today. I was really hot. Can you tell? Ignore that small yellow piece of thread on my dress, but do look at my most favorite new boots I got at Goodwill.

  Cayla, Katy, Sarah, Justin and I climbed eight stories in a parking garage and climbed over a gap onto the fire escape stairs in order to sneak into the Tulsa Club, an abandoned building that used to be home to a hotel / club type-thing in '94. There was broken glass and scattered employee uniforms (of which I took two...don't worry I'm washing them twice!), old papers and moldy chairs. Katy asked if she had fulfilled one of my fantasies by taking me which I truthfully said yes! I've always wanted to explore an old abandoned building, especially after seeing the wonderful ones that Jen from Sally Jane Vintage always seems to stumble upon. Here are some photos to enjoy.

  I may force some other friends back there with me, because it was loads of fun and there's so many rooms to see. It stretches out over several stories and I could get lost in there. A bit creepy though...and dangerous! Sarah cut her foot on some glass and had a nasty, bleeding cut. Plus the entire time Cayla and I thought we were going to run into a crazy homeless person. And it was so so hot in there. No air, but still worth it. It's time for me to get ready for my friend Callie's birthday party we're having at my house tonight. Now I hope you have a happy Monday! :D

What I'm Wearing:
Black & Grey Dress: Target
Sheer Dot Tights: Target
Brown Heeled Boots: Goodwill


magpie said...

I'm kind of ridiculously in love with your boots. Goodwill?? WOW.

I'm also kind of ridiculously jealous of your she and him concert!! I LOVE ZOEY!!!! You should totally try to meet her! I'm excited to hear all about it!

I've missed your posts!! Truly. haha :)

The abandoned building looks amazing, I wish there were something like that where I lived...maybe I'll find an old abandoned lincoln log cabin ;)


kate maggie said...

Hi! I have missed you! :) Congrats on your exam....well done, girl! You look so lovely in this outfit. I love the skirt and those boots! AMAZING find! I hope that you are doing well. I am sailing on a ship right now up the Australian seas. Its amazing. I'll try to check out your blog as much as I can. I always love your posts! Till next time....x

Ali said...

Ooooh, desecrated, old places! So neat! I love all of your pictures. Things like that are so creepy but so enthralling, haha. I love your neutral outfit, it's very nice on you. :D Cute shoes and tights!

Bealerr said...

uuurgh i hate you for having an amazing outfit, being pretty, seeing zooey deschanel, and finding an old abandoned building...
... yet i kinda love you too :)


Candid Phobic said...

I'm loving the black and grey dress! And it's so brave of you to even have the guts to go inside that abandoned building, the place is kinda creepy like an old hospital or something but I'm sure you all had fun :-)

Melissa said...

cute dress! i LOVE She & him!! so jealous that now only are you seeing them, but at the beach and free!
awesome boots (:

theresa said...

Thanks for your comment!! And yes the jacket is my favourite one ;)
Wuhuu you are my first reader from America!

Kimberellie said...

First, you look awesome. Adore this look. The boots and the dress? PERFECT. You have such a knack for dressing!

Second, you are crazy brave. Wow. I would not have gone in there. But I love the pics! So thanks for doing so for me!!

Lindsey said...

I have a friend who does some of the tags and artwork there, it's one of the easiest spots in Tulsa to practice graffiti. She said she heard some people in there and got really freaked out (cause like seriously who goes there,y'know?) maybe it was you guys? Idk. Cute pics!

Julie said...

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