Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Last Summer As Independents

  Oooh, tonight was the Of Montreal concert and it blew my mind. The visuals and acts and music and everything was just so perfect. They even were blowing feathers into the crowd at one point! I went with boyfriend Jackson and my friend Sofi. I danced a lot, but Jackson likes to think he out danced me...not a chance! They played my favorite song which I've got linked on here for you to take a listen, and it was probably the best show I've ever been too. I wore tights instead of jeans because I wanted to be able to dance and I didn't want to get really hot. Plus some layered gold jewelry, a nod to Gemma of Fade to Black's most perfect jewelry mixology. When I woke up this morning my left eye was swollen shut! It was so strange, not bruised or blackened or anything. Sofi and I figure it happened like this: Last night when we were all laying out on my trampoline at Callie's birthday party, we decided to head inside because we were getting eaten alive by mosquitos! Since my eye was only swollen and didn't hurt at all, and was not black or blue, we decided a mosquito must have given me a bite close to my eyelid. I iced it though and kind Sofia went out and bought me Benadryl in the morning, so it was all healed in time for the show tonight. And now concert photos!

Listen listen listen!

What I'm Wearing:
Multi-Colored Bubble Dress: Franchesca's
Black Lace Cardigan: Rodarte for Target
Black Zig Zag Tights: Target
Grey Ankle Boots: Aldo
Gold Necklaces: Target, Forever 21, my mother's, my great grandma's, etc...


Alysha said...

i love your outfit!

really cute blog

Candid Phobic said...

I hate mosquito bites especially on eyes, such a bummer!

P.S. The zigzag tights looks good on you. :-)

morganne said...

you look stunning, as always. I wish I had your talent for piecing things together like that!

arent mosquitos the worst? they are horrible at my house I habe a zillion bites! Im glad your eye got better.

The pictures from the show are awesome, looks like you had fun :)


Aimee said...

love the outfit, awesome skirt :D

Melissa said...

great photos, love your dress :)

projectvee said...

i love how you mix and match like that! it's very unique :)

Ali said...

Feathers! Looks like an epic band concert. :) I just adore how your outfit has all these patterns and textures in it!

kate maggie said...

Absolutely perfect outfit. and I want to go to a rock show with you! :)

bitch said...

hi, cheyne! your outfit is great! love the tights! and thank for commenting about my prom dress! i listened to the song and it actually is great! it's catchy and has rithm! tha concert photos look awesome!

kiss *