Monday, April 5, 2010


  Today was the best Monday I've had in a while. Easter Sunday was so busy, our restaurant was packed! And when I got off my shift at three I came straight home and fell asleep, not waking up until around ten o'clock! And then I sat in bed and tossed and turn and literately did not go to sleep one bit. But the good news was that I was up on time since I got to skip over the whole waking up part.

  Granny pants granny pants. I knew when I bought these and as I was getting dressed this morning that about one hundred people at my school would make allusions to my grandmother's closet or a time machine to the terrible 1980S (Cameron...hahaha). But I am okay with that? I hate pants, I really do, so when I find a pair (especially for $2 from Quality Thrift) that I like, I don't really hesitate to get them. I think it was the pleating that stole my heart. Plus I can pin them up on the sides for shorts for the fast-approaching summer.

  After scoring these pants, among shorts and a velvet dress and other things, from Quality thrift, Cayla and I headed over to Ida Red so she could get some new Toms. I still need to get a tangerine! But Ida Red is this quirky little store on Brookside and they have all kinds of crafty bracelets and necklaces and musician's t-shirts and just everything you might want in an eclectic store. Cayla got asked to be in a video about Toms huge event, One Day Without Shoes. I waited while she was being filmed and stumbled across this chunky and crazy bracelet that I knew I had to have. It's impossible to write with it around my wrist though, so all day in class I had a Miss Piggy figure bracelet on the edge of my desk! :D

  Today after school I hung out with Larry and we got bored and didn't know what to do with ourselves, so we drove to Main street in pursuit of visiting a British shop that was closed on Monday (what is it with Europeans and closing shop on Monday?!), and instead went to Nouveau, a little chocolate and tea shop that has the most amazing sweets ever. It trumps Godiva for sure! Walked around, found more disappointing "Closed on Monday" signs, stuffed ourselves with avocado rolls and edamame from my favorite sushi place, Flying Fish....then at seven I was off and I filmed dress rehearsal for our school's musical Bye Bye Birdie. I'm doing a behind the scenes video on it for my film class, Tiger TV. And now I'm about to pass out! Goodnight everyone. (:

What I'm Wearing:
Pale Pink Strong Shoulder Shirt: H&M
Floral Pleated Pants: Quality Thrift
Black Cut-Out Heels: Urban Outfitters
Black & Silver Belt: Goodwill
Miss Piggy Oversized Bracelet: Ida Red


Candid Phobic said...

You pulled it off with the pants :-) cute outfit.

magpie said...

Woww. You look fabulous in those pants! I could never work it like you. I totally hear you on kids at school making fun of them- I get made fun of so frequently. Sigh. They just don't understand.

I hate how things are always closed on Mondays too!!! It's so disappointing.

Love always,

Erika said...

Well, you totally R O C K E D the "granny" pants; you're one cool grandma in my book, haha ;D

fashion geek said...

so sweet :)
xoxo fashion geek

Lai Ying said...

wow! i dont know anyone who would pull those trousers off so well!! ^^ they look <3

i love chocolate bunnies!!

Mimi said...

you always have the nicest pictures. :)

btw, i gave you a blog award. come check it out at my blog. :)


lovely outfit!


lovely outfit!

Voleur D'Avant-Garde said...

Sorry but... dislike.