Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Like Kissing Cousins

  Today was good and bad. Good because I didn't have to go to school until forth hour, and then it was just Tiger TV and two hours of Magazine. Bad because I had a doctor's appointment this morning that required four shots. It was so terrible. I'm not too good with shots, because I think about some foreign liquid in my veins and the Biology of it freaks me out. I get the chills thinking about it, so I guess we could talk about my clothes instead?

  Romper! That recent Target raid I went on resulted in two rompers, and I already wore the first one but it seemed to slip through the day without a photo. I'm sure you'll see it soon though. This little jean on is nice, and it has a sweet little bow tie, buttons, and it's just the right length.'s the right length for me anyways. Since I went to the doctor's this morning, I had to check in with the attendance office when I made it to school. Our school dress code is not something I really follow. I think as long as you dress for your body it doesn't matter. No hoochie clothes! However, the administrators enjoy slicing my outfit to pieces, and I've made narrow escapes from detention every time. "Oh, we had a debate that we were supposed to dress up for, and this is the only appropriate dress I had." That's the excuse I got out on last time, coupled with a promise to "never wear this dress again." Moving on, I had to run home and grab a pair of sweatpants before I went back to school so I wouldn't get an earful about just exactly where this romper hits on my legs. Tights make no difference to them. Ugh...but as soon as I was out of the attendance office you can bet those sweatpants headed straight for my purse. Luckily none of my teachers enforce dress code harshly, only the principals and such.

  Worn with my favorite tights right now (every nurse at the doctor's office loved 'em, haha!), tye-dyed from Target. I wish I would've boughten another pair, I'll be devastated when these rip. It seems all my accessories are from Target. The heavy gold chain necklace and cute little hat. I'm really into hats. I can't get enough and usually get away with wearing one (also out of dress code...) most of the day, except from my first and second hour teachers. And these are the only pair of real sunglasses I have ever felt compelled to purchase. Usually I just settled for the crappy gas station ones, because I've never been big on eyewear. My view was: they break in my purse. But these are really sturdy and I'm thinking about ordering them in lavender as well.

What I'm Wearing:
Jean Romper: Target
Purple Cardigan: Mod Cloth
Tye-Dye Tights: Target
Brown Woven Flats: Salvation Army
Thick Gold Chain Necklace: Target
Grey & Black Hat: Target
Aqua Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

  P.S. In my magazine class, my friend Dylan and I spent a majority of the time on his DSI, morphing our faces and voices. I want one, but the only game I could play would be Nintendogs. Haha. :D



Candid Phobic said...

I like everything about this look especially your tye-dyed tights! I want to wear one when I go to work! Hope nurses could wear more like this, it's so much fun hehe.

Our High School here implements uniforms even in Public schools so we didn't get to experience dressing up everyday for class until College.

Erika said...

Shots hurt. Period.
I still haven't taken a trip to Target and seeing more of your buys makes me anxious.
Ughhh, I went thru the same stuff in high school (tights included) and I felt like directing them to girls who actually wore "hooooochie" clothes!
I can't wear sunglasses because I wear real glasses. So...I have 3 options: a) contacts b) prescribed sunglasses OR c) walk around blind, but stylish (;
Now to you, I LOVEEEEE/WANT those tights!! Again, I must go to Target! I've tried different hats, but I just don't think I'm a hat person. Argh >.< But, they look awesomeee on you...cuteeeee outfit!

♥ Erika

P.S. No signs of the poison ivy getting just aches a little near the damage. We'll see :/ But, thanks for the well wishes! (:

magpie said...


To say you can't wear your rodarte target a CRIME!!!

Seriously. I followed the link...and it's probably one of my favorite blogger outfit photos I've ever seen.


Cute romper, too :) Seeing this post made me realize I need to buy more!

Holy cow. I really shouldnt be saying I need to buy more clothes ;)

Also, I'm in love with your shoes.

And. I hate shots a lot, too. Ouch. It makes me cringe. And it's the biology part of it that freaks me out too!

Cadie said...

I LOVE your tights there amazing!

Ali said...

OH MY GOD YOUR TIGHTS. I have been looking for some like that for so. Long. They are cute and you wear them amazingly. :D

simplyhope said...

I can see why the nurse loved your tights!! Those are sooo cool:) Love this outfit!

Audrey J. said...

Really cool tights! You always look lovely which i had as many clothes as you here in my college house. I hate getting dressed everyday for college, i mean is kinda cool, but i don't have that many clothes or money to buy new. Hehe... sigh! You have a kick ass style :D i want it for myself

Anonymous said...

I love how you are wearing a romper in this post, and my goodness its soo cute, I love the way it looks with tights, and oh my gosh I want a pair of those glasses!

I cant believe how strict they are about what you wear, your style is definatly classy, not even close to hoochieish!

Anonymous said...

I like that romper a lot, I was going to buy it but ended up with the red one.

kate maggie said...

ugh. I hate shots aswell! I do so bad with them..i cry, everytime...glad you are good though :) This outfit is super good, way to go target! Your shoes are great too. Hope you're having a great week Cheyne <3

Kimberellie said...

I love this outfit. It is gorgeous. And THOSE tights! YES!! Oh, and your dress code seems WAY too strict! I mean, I LOVE the forbidden dress! I mean, I understand the point of a dress code, but uh, you in no way look "inappropriate". You look fantastic and stylish, as always.

Robyn said...

I have never thought about shots like that! I think they will freak me out from now on.

As for your outfit, I am in love with that romper. I rarely wear them, but I enjoy seeing others look amazing in them. Also, that first pic is downright adorable.

alya said...

They made you vow to never wear that dress again? Why? I fail to see how it is in any way inappropriate.

I violated dress code daily in high school with my love of mini skirts and bare legs. Good times.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love those tights, you have amazing style! xoxo

Kasia_B said...

You're so stylish!
love your oxfords. :)


projectvee said...

wow, i'm so in love with those tights! must must must go get a pair for myself :)

t said...

Very cool tights!

Melissa said...

i love the dip dyed tights!!

ive left you an award on my blog :)


Richards said...

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