Monday, April 19, 2010


  Prom was so unbelievably fun. It was at the aquarium, which may sound lame but it's really cool and unique...even if it may smell a little like fish at first. There were two dance floors, chocolate fountains, strobe lights, Lady Gaga...everything was really fun and a lot better than I thought it'd be. It was from nine to twelve, but since I'm on Junior Board I had to go at seven to help set up. We got a free dinner though, and I didn't have to pay for my ticket! And all the Junior Board girls go to wander around looking at the jellyfish and playing with the creatures in the touch pools and eating white chocolate strawberries. Then once nine hit, Garrison and I had to welcome all the seniors to prom for about an hour, but after that we got to hang out with everyone else. I got to salsa dance and spin and everything and it was so incredibly hot that I was wishing for a cocktail dress. But I did love mine...everyone kept telling me I looked like a princess, haha! After party was eventful. And now I have the flu and a fever of 101 so I stayed home from school. Bleh. Here are tons of photos too look though...and I hope you all are feeling better than I feel right now. Oh and now you get to see my new hair that I was talking about. It has red undertones that aren't obvious with all the dark indoor lighting, but you may be able to tell it's a darker brown...and bangs! :D

What I'm Wearing:
Neutral Tone Jewel Detail Gown: JC Penny's
Cameo & Pearl Necklace: Antique Garden
Gold Bow Earrings: Great Grandma's
Jeweled Headband: Anthropologie
Black Cut-Out Heels: Urban Outfitters


kate maggie said...

This post made me smile! You look so so gorgeous cheyne! I love this dress so much on you! Glad it was such a fun time..looks like such a fun-themed prom! Beautiful! x

Candid Phobic said...

You definitely looked like a princess! You're very well-dressed that night and that stand out among the crowd. Glad you enjoyed your prom. Feel better soon! :-)

Margaret said...

you look absolutely stunning!! the colour of that dress looks so gorgeous on you :)
loved these photos xx

simplyhope said...

You look so so Pretty and looks like your prom was loads of fun!

Those Gaga glasses... well I just got them in the mail from 80s purple. Not that great in person lol. But, I DO recommend you check them out online! They DO have some great stuff:)

Erika said...

Aww, hope you're feeling better today! Prom looks like it was a lot of fun for you, though! I think it's awesomeee that it was at the aquarium instead of the typical hotel ballroom. Makes it so much more fun somewhere different! Yahhh, you do look like a princess! Very, very, very pretty! You stand out from all the cocktail dresses, in a good way ;)

Anyway, really, I was unsure about the leopard + denim. Well, no, I wasn't. Not the day I wore it. But when I saw the photos, I wasn't sure if it looked good or not. Oh welllll, trial-&-error, but glad you liked it!!

♥ Erika

bitch said...

hi cheyne! im actually from portugal, so i guess you can see how i feel.. but as i had said before, i dont care.


you really look beautiful on that dress! not everybody can look as good as you with sutch dress, becaususe its long and the curves might betray us haha.. but you dont need to worry about that..
so, kiss and you you'll get well soon :)

projectvee said...

you DO look like a princess! so gorgeous :) looks like a lot of fun!

rena; mockingbird. said...

i really like your necklace! please don't hesitate in dropping by some time! i also love your blog name.
x rena.

Audrey J. said...

you look pretty :D love it