Saturday, April 3, 2010

And the Hazy Sea

  Okay, enough about the perfect weather I've been raving about for the past week. Except yesterday it did rain really hard, which you might be able to notice my shoes sinking in the mushy grass. I slept in this morning and I'm still so tired...Larry and Cayla spent the night last night and we pretty much spent the entire evening laughing and listening to Cayla say, "Gosh-b-gosh." And I think Cayla is going to be getting a blog soon! (:

  This is one of my favorite dresses because of the cut of the skirt. It doesn't have a bubble hem like most of these type of dresses do, and it's just very loose and relaxed. Plus I love the color of the top and I'm a sucker for floral prints.

  Cayla and I thought this was the perfect place to take pictures. The sun was shining at the right angle and my yard is pretty green and alive with its dots of yellow dandelions. I'm getting used to wearing tights that aren't as opaque as the ones I wore in the winter. Pretty soon it'll be too hot for tights, ugh.

  I really wish we could wear hats to school. Everyone would probably told me I looked like an old lady going to church, but I would've worn this hat anyways. I got it at a vintage shop in the winter and now the weather is just getting right enough to wear it. The huge red bow did me in...I love bows. Plus it's meant to be worn where the bow faces the back of your head which I like even more, even though I turned the hat around for pictures.

What I'm Wearing:
Pink & Grey Dress: Target
Grey Tights: Wal Mart
Grey Ankle Boots: Aldo
Red Straw Hat: Yesterday & Today Collectibles


Lai Ying said...

oh man i want that dress!!!!!!!!! ):

alya said...

You look adorable! The cut of the dress is perfect on you and the hat is the perfect touch.

Ali said...

Ahhhh! This is so cute! I seriously love that hat and the bow on it.. plus that skirt is so cute. :D

Phuong said...

This is a really cute outfit

projectvee said...

i thought you were wearing a skirt! but the dress is soo cute. the hat is a great addition :)

Mimi said...

i wish i could pull off wearing a hat as well. :)

follow me too? :)

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

Love the skirt and the boots.


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magpie said...

Awwww SO cute. I love your hat!!! The bow is adorable :). It'll be perfect for summer and all spring long!

That dress IS cute. I totally know what you mean by the bubble skirt thing, I have two dresses of similar style and the bubble gets so uncomfortable. The floral of your skirt is adorable!

Love always,

Audrey J. said...

Beautiful pic the first one... I love the outfit.

Sweet Mess. said...

I adoreeee the outfit, its SO cute!
I'm definitely a sucker for florals as well, & the colors are great for spring!

Jonesy said...

your dress is super duper cute and I love Target also. I am a new follower : ) I really enjoy your blog.
Please check out mine ( i hope you follow if you like it too)

Erin said...

I Love that dress! I saw it at target but they were out of my size but anyways great blog (-:

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the skirt!Red looks fantastic on you!

Voleur D'Avant-Garde said...

RRRRRRRRRatatatata you rock! Well done!