Friday, April 9, 2010

All the Time in the World

 I've been so so busy lately...I had to stay late after school today to work on my video for my film class, then I had to run home and write up three stories for my magazine class that have been assigned for some time now, I just like to procrastinate. Then I headed out to opening night of Bye Bye Birdie, our school's musical this year. It was so great! Even though it was terribly hot in the Preforming Arts Center, and my back was aching from sitting in that stiff seat for three hours, I still loved it. We got Sonic afterwards and it's 11:41 and I probably got home only twenty minutes ago. I'm going to be exhausted tomorrow...I should be writing my lab report for Physics right now, but I'm not really in the mood.

  I never used to be a fan of polka dots. In fact, I wasn't really too keen on patterns (besides florals) in general. But Kelly of the Glamourai is such a great inspiration when it comes to pattern mixing, and I wish I was as good as she is in the art of mixology...but here is this perfect polka dot staple of a skirt that I stumbled upon last weekend at Quality Thrift. I've been wanting to play with longer skirt lengths ever since Urban Outfitter's Golden Age look-book was put up, but I didn't really want to spend half a pay check on a long skirt. No matter what, I'll always prefer shorter lengths. For some reason I find it more flattering and comfortable...maybe because tights with longer skirt and dress lengths look silly to me.

  Another perfect thing about this skirt is that I can easily turn it into a dress. I wore this all day to school and even when Jackson took me out to Glenpool to shoot a gun for the very first time...which was loads of fun! I shot a .22 rifle and some handgun which made my fingers hurt. But it was fun. He taught me how to load it and everything, which was a lot more simple than I thought it was going to be. Jackson took a video with his Flip and uploaded to Facebook, but I don't know how to find the embed code and when I click the "share" button it only lets me post it in a message or to my wall. You can try to watch it here, but I don't know if the link will work! Anyways, after shooting in a skirt like a lady, Jackson and I went out to dinner at Copeland's, and I took off the tank top, pulled up the skirt, and adjusted the belt. Wala, dress! :D

  These white sandals are also from last week's thrifting, and I'm glad I finally found a sandal that covers my toes...I'm not a big fan of open toe shoes, which is a reason I dread summer. But these are perfect and super comfortable! It's getting so sunny...already I'm missing fall. But at the same time I love the warmth!

And thank you to the lovely Mimi for the blog award! (:

What I Wore:
Pink Tank Top: Target
Black Lace Cardigan: Rodarte for Target
Brown Belt: Kohl's
Polka Dot Skirt: Quality Thrift
White Sandals: Quality Thrift


kate maggie said...

Ah! Everything here is literally perfect..I love all the patterns and details. you look so gorgeous, im always so jealous of your hair. Hope you have a great rest of your night Cheyne <3

Erika said...

Lovely photos, I think I'm gonna try laying in the grass for my next shoot!! So pretty being surrounded by flowers.

I'm actually a fan of polka dots & this skirt/dress is no exception! But, I totally feel you on shorter vs longer lengths.. I, too, have only recently tried longer lengths in skirts/dresses, thanks to bloggers. So much inspiration!

And, I feel you on the whole open-toed shoes/summer thing, too! I thought I was the only one! Really love your find!! They're adorable.

I'm writing you an e-mail right now..mostly to avoid this comment getting any longer, haha! :D

Erika <3

Erika said...

P.S. Congrats on the award! :D

magpie said...

Wow! Am I really more than two posts behind on your blog?? I'm so sorry. I hate being so busy and not being able to stay updated on my bloggers. Sorry darling Cheyne! (P.S. I really love your name and how it's spelled. So cute)

I LOVE that lacey top!! And that skirt is too cute. I never used to be a pattern girl either, but I've learned to love them!

I agree. your hair is fantastic!

I'll be send you a blog award...SOON!


P.S. I hate physics. So much.

Candid Phobic said...

I like the patterns too, you look amazing. And I love that polka dot skirt :-)

Lai Ying said...

yay for longer skirts! ive been trying to get into longer skirts but im so short ): LOL.
i looove the lace top thingy <3
and the bg. GRASS GRASSSSSS ^_^

Enchanted Gardens said...

You did a great job mixing it babe, i love your skirt and that pretty belt with it. You look lovely in daisies :) And are that bare legs i see?? Oh I'm is still a bit chilly...

Candid Phobic said...

Hi, you've been tagged and awarded by me. Check my blog for the award :-)

projectvee said...

beautiful pictures :) definitely love how you did the polka dots here! and of course, the lace cardi is lovelyy

Andrea Elisabeth said...

Hey :) Im ANdrea from Germany an i love your Blog and your styling so i will follow you ;)


Anonymous said...

what a sweet little look! I love the belt and the skirt! :)

alya said...

I think you did the pattern mixing quite well, and the skirt was a great find. Totally with you on the shorter lengths, too; I like to border on indecent exposure, actually. It's pretty terrible of me, but there you are.