Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All of the Sudden and it's Summertime

  Where did the time go, I've been so busy lately that I've only been getting four hours of sleep! Homework, college stuff, Pratt summer stuff, everything seems so overwhelming. Plus prom is this Saturday, and earlier this week I thought I wasn't going to be able to go, but now everything is worked out and I'm so incredibly excited! Know what I'm not excited about? MGMT's new's not terrible, but man what a let down. The songs aren't as upbeat and psychedelic as the tracks on Oracular Spectacular, but at least they pumped out some killer album artwork. I think some of the songs are growing on me...or at least I hope they will!

My favorite and perfect little sailor dress, and that purple band-aid is a real compliment to my knee, don't you think? I hadn't seen Jackson's puppy, Goose, in a while and he got all excited when I came over and jumped on me. He's gotten bigger and less clumsy, but he's still as cute as ever.

  These colored Gurkees are amazing. All day everyone was like, "Wow, I've never seen them with colors like those before!" And to think I got these from Quality Thrift forever ago, October I think, and I'm just now wearing them for the first time. Well, now I'm watching Thank you for Smoking and I'm about to fall asleep, so I'll leave you with a goodnight and a happy Wednesday. :D

What I'm Wearing:
Sailor Dress: Charlotte Russe
White Knit Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Purple, Teal, & Blue Gurkees: Quality Thrift


magpie said...

hey Cheyne!!

eee prom! I hope you have a wonderful time! Mine isn't for 3 more weeks. Thankfully. hahha. I've been so busy too. I can't believe summer is so soon and spring has moved so fast. Wowee.

I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE your dress. I'm in love. The colors are amazing and the cut of the skirt is TOO cute. I want to find one exactly like that. Definitely one of the cutest dresses I have ever seen anywhere, and I'm not just saying that!

Ali said...

That's such a cute little dress! I love the contrasting red stitching.. :)

Candid Phobic said...

I love the color too and that includes the Band-Aid hehe. I can't wait for your Prom pictures I'm sure you'll look beautiful. Have fun! :-)

Erika said...

Yea, plan on showing us your prom pictures ;) I wanna see your dress!

Anyway, this dress is adorable!! And, that band-aid is too gangster! Haha. Scratch that. It's badass ;D

Have fun!

bitch said...

hey girl! you take great photos! for real!
well, im not sure if im going to my school's prom.. everything is so different here.. nobody trully lives the school spirit and the prom is boring.. but i still dont know..

hope you'll continue with the great posting and please advice me, cause im still starting and folow me *.*

Lai Ying said...

YAY im glad you can go to prom!
our prom is gonna be on a boat... and none of the boys from our joint school want to go so... >_< its gonna be rubbish hahaaa...
would lovee to see prom pics xD

i love that outfit ^^
id never pull it off but you do it well :)

alya said...

I'm happy you get to go to prom! I assume we will see pictures of whatever you choose to wear...