Sunday, March 28, 2010

We're All Mad Here

  Oh yes, what's that on my feet, tennis shoes, Rocket Dogs at explanation is quick. My half sister had her birthday party yesterday. So I got to skip out on work all day and make the long drive to Kiefer, Oklahoma, where she lives with my step mother. Kiefer is so small it can hardly be called a town. It's not even two square miles large, and it's really old fashioned. It even has a Sheriff's building that's been there for ages and only one gas station. Ha!

  Alyssa turned nine on March 12th, but her party was just yesterday. It was Alice in Wonderland themed and there were drinks and bite-sized foods labeled "drink me," and "eat me." We got to decorate tea cups for our tea party, go hiking in search of the infamous rabbit hole that Alice fell down (hence the sensible shoes), ride horses, bust up a pinata, and just loads more.

  My little sister was gracious enough to take my outfit photos for me. I was impressed on how fast she could figure out how to use my camera. It's a SLR and it weighs about a pound. And now it's time for homework and a much needed nap. Happy Sunday. (:

What I'm Wearing:
Floral Maternity Tank (Worn as a Dress): Target
Navy Cardigan: J. Crew
Magenta Tights: Target
Silver Circles Necklace: Gift


projectvee said...

love how you wore magenta tights :) and i would never have thought to look in the maternity dept for oversized tanks! this one is really flowy and nice :)

Melissa said...

woww, looove the colour of your tights! i love the drape of the tank, looks really nice on you :)


Audrey J. said...

Beautiful! I love the theme party and the look for the rabbit hole hehe. Really beautiful pics.

p.s. i loved your boots on the past post!

kate maggie said...

I love this outfit on you..also - the place where you live is just beautiful! :)

Rae said...

These photographs are beautiful! They look very professional :D
Thanks for following! Now you have a new follower too!

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Candid Phobic said...

i like the shoes ;-)

Nanx said...

Thanks for following me, but got to admit that your blog is more inspiring. I love your efortless lovely style. Wish I could take these pictures too but I have to be pleased with my self timer haha. Easter holiday is comming up then I'll take more pictures outside.

xoxo Nanx

Aimee said...

cute pictures, love the 'eat me' cupcakes! and pretty top :)

Ali said...

I love all of your pictures, especially the one with the barbed, rusty wires. And your pink legs are amazing!

Tasha said...

Looks like a very fun birthday!

I really love this outfit, and how you took a maternity tank and wore it as a dress!! Great idea, because it looks fabulous on you!!

I'm following!