Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sun Hands

  I spent most of this afternoon with my friend Jashona prancing around in Tulsa for spots to take pictures. She's a year older than me and asked me to do her senior pictures for her because she liked my style of photography. She called it "urban," which led into me shouting a strand of sarcastic ramblings consisting of the words, hipster / indie / so alternative / fresh / underground. I make fun of myself, and that car ride was a lot of fun. Then we got down to business and Jashona put on what she calls her "serious heels," and we climbed hills in those heels and got whipped in the face by the wind and I'm really pleased with the turn out! As for my henna hair, the overcast was not ideal for a first time show off the red shine that's now in my hair, but you may be able to tell? 

 Speaking of heels, aren't these amazing? They're of cheap Forever 21 makings so they're sure to break sooner rather than later, but when I saw them, they just reminded me of Miu Miu's Spring / Summer 2010 shoes. I'm not really sure why? Maybe it's the combination of the floral fabric, ankle strap, height, and just general shape of the shoe where I saw similarities, but these cannot really compare to the wonderful wonderful wonderful work of MM. (:
  Cayla and I went shopping the other day and we hit up Forever 21, and we hit it hard. Both of us were having extreme desires to spend too much money there, which is easy seeing as I always fall in love with half the store in the fitting room. And the shoes! I saw so many pairs I wanted which never happens and ended up walking away with two. For now these floral heels and soon the glitter oxfords which Cayla picked out because she knows my odd taste in footwear. And after making loads of money during a surprisingly busy shift at work tonight (I wait tables), I'm going back to the mall tomorrow to indulge in a Simon Gift Card for a little online shopping. Boots on sale and pastel sunglasses, mmm. Here are some of my favorite pictures I took of Jashona today. :D

What I'm Wearing:
Black Pants: Target
Blue & Black Mini Cardigan: Forever 21
White & Black Lace Shirt: Forever 21
Floral Print Heels: Forever 21


Kimberellie said...

Oh wow! This outfit, those shoes, that vest! The lovely wind blowing through! BEAUTIFUL!!!

kate maggie said...

Eveyrthing about this is so amazing! I love your shoes and your vest. That shirt is so cute too. Your friend is so beautiful girls are knock outs!

Enchanted Gardens said...

Pretty pretty pretty shoes you've got there! And lace thingy is lovely.

Nicole Jarecz said...

i love the laid back look with those heels!

Anonymous said...


Valerie said...

love the floral shoes and cool blog,keep this up.

Victoria-H said...

Aww wow gorgeous pictures ! you are so cute :)

Audrey J. said...

i really like that shoes! great pics. following you;) will you do too?

p.s. i'm having a giveaway at my blog if you wanna check!

UnoCosa said...

the floral shoes is just really cool! xx

Anonymous said...

I am in love with the floral shoes.

Berkeley said...

I love you, Cheyne. We will set up a memorial/shrine for darling AMcQ soon. Yes?

Melissa said...

gasp. i love your floral shoes!!


Erika said...

love the heels! perfect for spring..& beautiful photos


magpie said...

Thank you so much for commenting my blog!!!

Your pictures are gorgeous-I absolutely loveee your shoes! For your sake, I hope they don't break because they are adorable. The floral is amazzzzing.

I really do dream of getting a nikon....sigh. I'm crossing my fingers I get one for my graduation present! Or 18th brithday.....which are just one month apart :)

Love always,

Marla Singer said...

beautiful vest and shoes <3