Friday, March 26, 2010

Sick Like Animals

  The end of the week is always the best part, and today it was so sunny and not terribly windy like Oklahoma usually is. I got to wear my new sunglasses and drive home with the windows down and it was just great! I know the only thing I won't like about the warm weather is I won't be able to wear tights and cardigans without dying from a heat stroke.

  The only pair of jeans I own that I actually enjoy wearing because they're so fitted they feel like tights. And the revelation of my new boots! They're so perfect. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to locate a pair that was plain black, no heel, and no foolish adornments (I hate tassels). My friend Mike told me I looked like a pirate in first hour, which always gets my day off to great start.

  Another new shirt that I ordered with my boots simply because it was funny and on sale for ten dollars. I'm surprised I didn't get in trouble by a teacher or administrator at school for graphic nature or something, but I suppose none of them really understood what that pussy cat represented. I did get high fives and bursts of laughter from my friends all day, which made my Friday even better.

  Yes yes, I know, you've just seen this little vest a few days ago...but I haven't had the chance to wear it to school yet and so you must suffer a little repetition with me! At least this bracelet is a virgin to my camera until today, a recent snatch from Charlotte Russe. Reminded me of the sweet and dainty things Merily always seems to have on her blog (which I love), Sequin Magazine.

  P.S. And now I have exciting news! My friend Annie Best's mom, who I went with to New York in January, has decided to help sponsor me to go take creative writing course at Pratt College's Pre-College Program this summer! I am so excited because not only will I get to spend most of July in New York, I will also get college credit for the courses I'm taking. The cost is around $4000 with the tuition, room, board, supplies, local transportation, and everything else. Hopefully my friend and photographer Lindsey's parents will sponsor me too and then I might have enough to go...I'm so excited! (:

What I'm Wearing:
Pink Cat T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Blue & Black Ruffled Vest: Forever 21
Dark Wash Jeans: H&M
Rose & Pearl Bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Over-the-Knee Black Boots: Urban Outfitters


projectvee said...

adorable! love that bracelet :) stunninggg.

kate maggie said...

You look so so good. I love that vest- and bracelet! Wow. And CONGRATS about your trip!! That is so amazing and such a great opportunity. Super excited for you! x

Melissa said...

haha! took me a while to work out when the cat represented! but thats just me, im slow like that. love the boots and the bracelet is cute!!

congrats on your trip,sounds sooo fun!


Nanx said...

your style is so lovely! I like your blog.

Lai Ying said...

Hi hi ~
your blog is <3 im gonna follow.
LOVE your outfit.
that vest is loveee ♥
(the bracelet too!)


Ali said...

I love love your outfit. (: I wish I had jeans that fit like tights or leggings, then I'd be so open to wearing jeans hee hee.

Sweet Mess. said...

Lovely boots, such a cute outfit!
& I LOVE that bracelet.

Rae said...

You look beautiful I love your blog! Come check out mine! If you become a follower of mine I'll become a follower of yours!!

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