Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Music Makes Me High

  So here it is, Cayla, Larry, and I's venture into dying our hair with henna. It was messy, smelly, and fun. After driving miles into Tulsa to pick up the powder for the dye, spending too much money on lemons to juice and add to the mix, and letting it sit out for four hours, professional hair dye seemed much more appealing. However, I loved the henna. We all glopped it in our hair (a lot more difficult than it may sound), then promptly wrapped our heads in saran wrap and waited four hours. The four hour wait period consisted of laughing, dancing crazy to the radio which I never listen too (and secretly loving that catchy Justin Bieber song), more laughing, cigarette breaks, being cold, planning our Senior trip to Europe, discussing the possibility of Lady Gaga being a witch, and just everything else. Then washing it out is like reliving the experience all over again. I'm pleased with the results. My hair now has a slight red shine to it, and you can especially tell in the daylight! Plus henna is amazing for your hair and is like a deep conditioner...it even made my hair feel thicker! I think I'm going to do it again on Sunday because the more you do it the more effect you get. I don't think anyone will be able to tell, but I can, and that's all that's important I think.



kate maggie said...

That sounds so much fun! I want to put henna in my hair! :) I wish I could of came along..Im excited to see your newly red-shine hair! x

Kimberellie said...

Lady Gaga a witch? LOL! Senior trip to Europe sounds like fun! can't wait to see your hair!!!