Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mouthful of Diamonds

Phantogram - Mouthful Of Diamonds

  I must must must stop spending money...after blowing a hundred and some odd dollars in Forever 21 the other day, I was doing some online shopping and found the most perfect black, heel-less, over the knee boots that I've been searching for since January. And they were marked down from $200 to $78, how could I resist? I know it's almost I also threw some pastel sunglasses in my cart. And then today while I was at the mall to get a Simon Gift Card so I could buy my online treasures, I made the mistake of walking into Forever 21. I found a wonderful blazer + a jumper that reminds me of something Lykke Li would wear + some brown cut out heels. After some painful price tag battles I settled on just the shoes and the blazer, and I'm glad I walked away with them...but I really regret not getting the jumper! It had zippers on the sides and was simple and my taste. But the shoes are lovely lovely, they go great with the new purse my boyfriend got for me. 

  When Valentine's Day rolled around I was bombarded with candy and flowers from him, and the promise of another gift which wasn't to ship for a month. The mystery gift led to me asking for hints and all kinds of questions, but I patiently waited for the day it got here and I'm so glad I did. It's a purse from the Louis Vuitton / Stephen Sprouse collection that I've been lusting over since it came out. I almost died when he gave it to me. I'm still kind of getting used to carrying around a high-end bag. I'm not really one for designer hand bags. I really hate Coach purses, for example. But this collection was my guilty pleasure (like that Justin Beiber song I just bought on iTunes...) and it's big enough to hold my huge SLR camera and everything else I lug around with me. It will have its outfit debut soon! And now I'm sitting here eating peaches and drinking green tea and reading Wicked with nothing else to blog about. Now have a good weekend. (:


Erika said...

again, what a sweet boyfriend! & hey, that justin beiber song is REALLY catchy, man...hahaha


M.rolez said...

I went to 1 LV store in Spain ( in Madrid) and I hadnt found that type of bag.. Its really cute, I love them ! I want to buy a pair of black mocasins by LV :)

LV and CHANEL are muy favourite firms ;)

Love your blog, is perfect !!


magpie said...

what a stellar boyfriend :)
he's a keeper!

I love your bag.I need a new one so badly!

Way to shop, girl ;). I've been shopping too much as well. I also dropped 100+ at forever21, walked into the store again yesterday, and spent 80 more. I'm horrible!

Love always,

Aimee said...

ooh pretty pretty bag! im following

kate maggie said...

What a nice boyfreind! that bag is so :) Jealous!

alya said...

Justin Bieber is totally my guilty pleasure. I'm about ten years too old to like him but to hell with it.

Coach bags aren't all bad, by the way. You most likely hate the canvas style with the logo plastered all over because that's what all high school girls seem to carry. But their leather bags are beautiful.