Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Local Natives

  Today Lindsey and I ventured to some small fields, just a bit off the main campus. It's finally getting warm! I love it, I can't wait for spring. This little grey dress is really pretty and simple...but it's pretty tight, so I usually like to layer a cardigan or something over it. And the shoes! Ah, I felt like they were something I'd see Jennifer from Sally Jane Vintage wear. They're a nice navy and brown mix, with a wonderful little heel and they make me feel like I just walked out of the 1930s. They're a bit big, but hey, for three dollars, I don't mind.

  I felt like Rebecca from The Clothes Horse, taking picture in the trees. I wish Oklahoma had some prettier scenery...or at least around campus where I take my pictures, because Oklahoma actually gets quite beautiful during spring time. I bought this cardigan last year and only just now remembered I had it. It's Urban Renewal which I am always a bit hesitant about purchasing, because sometimes Urban Outfitters' Urban Renewal clothes turn out quite terrible. But I think I got lucky with this one because it's got a delicate trimming that I fell in love with.

  I have my second yoga class and I'm really excited. I loved the first one even though my hip flexors (I never even knew I had those) were really sore after the last time. I wish I could take yoga more than once a week, but all the other classes are either scheduled when I'm in school or working. Bummer.

  Also, thank you for all the comments and lovely words, emails, questions, recommendations, and just everything. This blog is just for fun, and I think it's kind of cool that people actually take the time to read it. :D I've had a few people ask me which blogs I follow and why...besides the ones I've always read since I first discovered fashion blogs, I have a strict follow-for-follow policy. Because I feel like if someone's following my blog, I should follow theirs. It's important to me to know who's I found all the people that take the time to comment or email me are really inspirational and stylish. Well, that's all, have a good Wednesday! (:

What I'm Wearing:
Grey Dress: Target
Blue Tights: Target
Burgundy Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Red Belt: Good Will
Brown & Navy Shoes: Good Will 


kate maggie said...

Oh, i just love everything here. you look so always pull everything off so well! great shoes!

libys11 said...

you are looking so lovely!!!! so vintage chic!

Kimberellie said...

Love the shoes. This is a great look! And such awesome pics! You have great style!

augustalolita said...

i love the sweater and shoes!! great outfit!!