Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Got Soul, but I'm Not a Soldier

  It was so nice outside today. Really windy, but the weather was great. Even tonight when I was at my friend Annie's to study for our Pre-Calculus test it was still warm. I walked out the front door expecting to dart for car really quickly to avoid freezing, but I was surprised at how perfect it was. I am still not looking forward to the ominous hotness that will submerge Oklahoma in a month or so though...anyways I'm sure you'll get a kick out of these cheesy photos. My usually photographer, Lindsey, wasn't here today so Uyen took them for me. She was giving me all kinds of positions and I just ended up laughing every time because I felt like a Sears catalogue model.

  I've pretty much been on the hunt for a good romper for a month or so now. But most of the ones I've stumbled across did that odd thing were the shorts were long enough and they flared out awkwardly. But this is the first one I've tried on that didn't do that because they are cuffed and so it sits more evenly on my legs. And I love the neutral kaki and the breasted detail. Ahhh. (: I am kind of afraid to wash it though, because it's from Forever 21. And as much as I love their clothes, the quality is often horrendous and I discover little holes and fabric ware after about three washes.

  I love J Crew. A lot. I really do. I just don't like how expensive it is. It's so depressing to walk by the store window and see a blouse with a charming little peter pan collar only to later discover it's $90. However, this cardigan did steal my heart. The soft mauve and delicate detail (that has, sadly, deteriorated over time) make it perfect for spring. Plus it's light and airy so I won't get too over heated.

  Finally the last new pair of Forever 21 shoes. I love the cut out detail and the heel is a reasonable height...however it feels really unstable and it makes me nervous to wear them. Even more nervous than these stilettos. The laces were super long but I trimmed them down to size and the day went without me tripping over my own feet which was good. However, after school when I went to our Preforming Arts Center to film so footage of our school's musical rehearsal, I changed into some good old Nike Shocks. They're probably five years old and still fit and feel great. All the drama kids kept making fun of me. And I got to see a little bit of Bye Bye Birdie before everyone else...the advantages of being in my film class Tiger TV.

What I'm Wearing:
Kaki Romper: Forever 21
Tan Belt: Forever 21
Dove Necklace: Forever 21
Brown Cut Out Heels: Forever 21

Mauve Cardigan: J Crew
Blue Tights: Target
Dove Necklace: Forever 21
Floral Headband: Ross


kate maggie said...

Ah! I love everything about this. That romper is amazing..and so are those tights. These colors look so good on you,'re so pretty :)

Audrey J. said...

Beautiful jumper! I've been looking for the perfect one too, but ehmm either they're to shorty or too long. I saw one today from olsenboye but itwas WIERD. You look great!

Candid Phobic said...

i adore the romper! very cute ensemble, you look amazing :-)

magpie said...

I love that romper!!! That's gorgeous :). You wear it so well!

I hear you on the quality of is SO disappointing. I wish they had a higher end forever21 without it being too expensive. Something between Urban Outfitters and Forever21. You know?

hahaha. anyways, you are beautiful!

Love always,

Lai Ying said...

if we had forever 21 in London I'd so go and hunt out those pair of shoes. love it!

Melissa said...

i love the neutral colours and bright tights! great outfit!


Tasha said...

I love this look! Especially the romper and those heels! Forever 21 is amazing!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

loving those blue tights and that romper is cute.

Ali said...

I love all the details in this outfit.. the tights, the shoes with the tights peeking through, the belt.. :D

Mary Lee said...

that jumpsuit is to die for! all your outfits work very well :) i love your heels :)

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