Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lust for Life

  I took my first yoga class tonight, and it was awesome! It was basically just stretching my body for an entire hour. But it was fun. I got some new yoga pants and a few new things from Target when Cayla and I went after school. I got a wonderful new white purse that is sure to get extremely dirty by the end of the week.

  Cayla and I stopped by Good Will, and I got a ton of vests, some new black oxfords to finally replace the ones I had that broke on the streets of New York, and some new black tights! Plus I got this amazing black & gold cropped blazer that I had to cut the shoulder pads out of.

What I'm Wearing:
Brown Cardigan: Franchesca's
Blue & Brown Dress: Franchesca's
Navy Blue Waist Belt: Good Will
Deep Red Lace Tights: Target
Brown Woven Flats: Salvation Army


kate maggie said...

I have so many articles of clothing that i have cut the shoulder pads out of! Glad you were able to find some nice treats there though :) Congrats about your first yoga class..sounds fun! x

kate maggie said...

Ah. I forgot to write the most important thing! You look fantastic and i love your tights/shoes. :)

Lilee▲ said...

cute cardi!

Oringina said...

Me loving the cardigan. Lovely outfit


apparellel said...

i love how you mixed all the textures! gorgeous!


fadetoblack said...

aw cute pics!!!!