Monday, February 22, 2010

Amsterdam I Never Knew You So Well

  I've had a really great past few days. I don't really know why, because there was nothing extremely spectacular about them, but it's put me in a really great mood. I cleaned out my closet and draws and took tons of 2005-era clothes to Good Will, cleaned out my car, got my gym membership, and just got a lot of things done I suppose. Plus tonight I am going to see Shutter Island which I've been dying to watch!

  It was so unbearably windy and cold that I had to opt for inside photos, as much as I hate our school's lighting. This skirt reminded me of something I would see on Urban Outfitters, so when I stumbled upon it at Good Will the other day I was beyond psyched. And this is one of my favorite shirts. I'm not really keen on shirts...I tend to prefer dresses + cardigans, but I really don't mind wearing this. The neutral colors, cute little sleeves, and wonderful crochet sparrow....Anna Sui for Target was a great collaboration! And her SS2010 collection is amazing. I love the colors. I just love Anna Sui in general. :D

What I'm Wearing:
Creme & Black Blouse: Anna Sui for Target
Creme & Black Lace Skirt: Good Will
Black Lace Tights: Target
Brown T-Strap Heels: Charlotte Russe

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kate maggie said...

I love your outfit! Your blog is so lovely to read :) Your shirt is too cute and same with your tights! x