Tuesday, January 5, 2010

LA Nocturne

  I look so thrilled to be back at school don't I? I really miss sleeping in. This is the last low quality picture you will set your eyes upon. MY CAMERA CAME IN TODAY. It's four days early, and it's absolutely perfect. It makes ordinary things seem much less ordinary. I adore it. I'm having an affair with it. Really, it's my baby doll. Sarah took some time in magazine to take pictures, she's the best. :D There are those boots I got from Aldo I was raving about. Grey and perfect. It's so bitterly cold here that I'm actually wearing pants, which I usually skip and replace with skirts and tights. But even my thickest, heaviest wool tights aren't cutting it. Wahh, and it's supposed to get even colder. How awful. New York in nine days. I might faint.

On Cheyne:
Oversized Feather Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Gold Chain Necklace: Target
Black Pants: Target
Grey Boots: Aldo

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