Friday, January 29, 2010


  I could really just about wrap myself in twenty sweaters right now. Thursday I really really really liked my outfit. A lot. I was wearing my new straw hat and a pair of brown woven shoes I scored at Salvation Army. I totally ripped off this stylish woman I saw on The Sartorialist, minus the wonderful blazer. I need another blazer, because the only one in my possession is purple. And I love it to death but it's hard to wear with just anything.

  I was really ready to take some pictures, then Oklahoma got hit by a huge ice storm. My car doors are frozen shut, if that gives you an idea. So my apologies, but as soon as it warms up you'll be sure to see some more. Here are some pretty pictures for you to look at in the mean time.


Mila said...

The outfit is perfect!

Nicholas said...

The outfit is perfect!