Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Day Off

  School is so dreary. I'm glad I didn't go. It was nice outside for once, and I was able to take my coat off without freezing to death. The sun was out, and the ducks looked happy. We strolled around down town, had some coffee, went to Riverside, wished we had bread to feed the ducks, went to the library, danced, listened to English music, drooled over The Kooks. It was a good day. We leave for New York tomorrow. Let me say this now, overpacking is a skill. I just want higher ceilings and options!

On Cheyne:
Tan Tulle Dress: Rodarte for Target
Black Lace Cardigan: Rodarte for Target
Black Ankle Boots: Target
Black Tights: Wal Mart

On Cayla:
Yellow Coat: Fossil
Green Tights: Target
Tan Boots: Bakers
Grey Knit Dress: The Gap
Belt: Salvation Army
Brown Wrap Headband: Forever 21

1 comment:

libys11 said...

you girls look like your having fun!!! awesome!!! love both of your outfits! :D