Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Skin Like Ice

  I know we always look so happy. It's terribly icy and dreadful here though, and we're supposed to get another two inches of snow tonight! On the up side, I got some green corduroys on sale at Fossil for a mere $20. It's funny because I usually avoid Fossil (and, to be honest, the mall) all together, wanting to spare myself from sticker shock! But it was the day after Christmas and I was cheery from all the generous presents I scored. I also got a grey pair of ankle boots from Aldo for only $42 dollars. They were originally priced as $98, and I felt ever so cheeky walking out of the mall with my shoe box. A few more days until New Years, maybe a new dress. Maybe Cayla will stop being lazy and do a post? :D We shall see.


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