Friday, December 4, 2009

Shades of the Sky

On Cheyne:
Mauve Cardigan: J. Crew
Floral Maternity Shirt (worn as a dress): Target
Blue Tights: Target
Woven Chain Necklace: Target
Grey Booties: (Brand BC Footwear)
Pink Cameo Ring:

It's getting so cold! My car seats felt like ice this morning, and we're all well aware that winter is officially upon Oklahoma. I'm finding that I miss the warmer months, though, at the time, I was yearning for snow with mix of heavy coats and wool tights. Now, it's reached the point to where cardigans aren't cutting it anymore, and despite wearing thick woven tights, I always end up with goosebumps all over! I suppose attending a high school where you walk outside between classes, freely exposed to the harsh Oklahoma weather, doesn't help. My fingers are always numb for the first ten minutes of each class. I definitely need to pick up a pair of gloves, and soon. 

I'm heading over to the Philbrook Museum tomorrow with Cayla, and we should be coming back at you with some classy outfit shots and lots of goofy candid ones. Maybe Sunday, Monday at the latest. We've been known to laze off on the weekends. Good news! Today Cayla and I found out that Manchester Orchestra is coming to The Marquee downtown on February 2nd, for Cayla's seventeenth birthday present. The Marquee is so small that we'll be close enough that we touch the stage, it will be great! Plus Yo La Tengo and Rogue Wave are our near future. You can be sure we'll be there. Tonight was a ninety five dollar night, and it's the start of a great weekend, so a good one to everyone as well! (:


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cheyne! i started up my blogspot blog
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