Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Petty Things

We're so sad that Thanksgiving Break is over. We did manage to fit in a thrifting adventure and I scored some new comfy cardigans, colored Gurkees, and some old records that I need to do something artsy with. I know Cayla walked out with an armful of sweaters too. Anyways, they're nothing too special, but here are some pictures from the past week or so that somehow seemed to slip my mind. Our photo quality will get massively better soon, but I think that topic should be saved for another time in the near, near future! :D
Only a quarter a piece, but what to do with them?

At Shades of Brown, a local coffee house in Tulsa.

In borrowed Toms and hungover, looking a little less than classy.

Sofi scored a rather charming hat at Quality Thrift.

Bombarded by second hand cardigans.

I don't always look so disgusted with the conditions in which my friend lives; this is what happens when you don't like to pay more than two or three dollars for your clothes. As you can see, our friend Callie has accumulated at least twenty oversized sweaters from each local thrift store in the Tulsa-metro area, which she happily leaves lying all over her floor.

Asian eating Asian food. Surprise.

Impressive iPhone picture.

Veggie lo mien reigns supreme.

Brand new and only a dollar fifty. (:<

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Anonymous said...

Cute foreign boys! You used them to look more friendly and not so facist! such smart lasses!Those are really neat Jesus shoes. I am so glad people in the Bible belt of the true Ámerica still show their Christianity. =)

Muah Muah xoxoxo

from QüeeBECKY