Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Feels like a Monday morning;

Fish; Gregory, Moenie, and Hawk.

To start off, we sheepishly realize that we've been slacking. Thanksgiving was too good to us, but we have a lot of posts coming your way. The last day of Thanksgiving Break, Monday morning, we went to the store and bought fish. Why? Cayla wanted to put them in a blender. We placed duct tape over the blades (good thing, too, because one of the fish was determined enough to dig his way to the bottom of the blender) and scattered some rather cheaply colored plastic jewels on the bottom. They catch the light, and it looks wonderful, really.

On Cheyne:
Worn Brown Boots: Target
Grey Knit Tights: Target
Multi-Colored Silk Skirt: Target
Plaid Shirt: Forever 21
Jeweled Wrist Cuff: Forever 21
Thick Knit Cardigan: Quality Thrift in Tulsa

On Cayla:
Long Sleeved Grey Shirt: The Gap
Green Sweater Vest: Quality Thrift in Tulsa
Rose Scarf: Target
Dark Wash Jeans: Target
Argyle Shoes: Pac Sun
Brown Wrap Headband: Forever 21


Anonymous said...

Honey... to be indie, your photo needs to be in film and have the Urban Outfitters look. It is either edit the photo to look indie or to be indie and shoot with a film camera.



Cheyne and Cayla said...

Well...quite frankly we dress how we would like to. We're not going for any certain look....and it wouldn't really be personal style if we just poured our hearts and wallets out over an Urban Outfitters catalogue. And if I used my Diana, it would take days to get the film developed and scan everything into the computer, and would be far too costly. Simply too much work dear; this blog is for fun and self publication, and is a far cry from a desperate attempt to embody, how do you say, the "indie" look.

Anonymous said...

"Dear", your blog is terrible. No one from Tulsa has style. You're only mirroring people's images. You girls have no style. I live in Brooklyn, if you want to see indie fashion come here.


Cheyne and Cayla said...

Well "honey," we've come back to the same point again...we're not trying to achieve your little "indie" look. We dress how we like. We have personal style. We do not mirror an Urban Outfitters / Free People / H&M catalogue for a reason...as so many girls in Brooklyn do. So I think what you're really trying to say is that you girls have a catalogue, copied style, where as we draw ours from many different places. Which is maybe why you don't like it? Sorry to be so original. Our bad. But if you don't like what we post don't read it. Close the page. It's simple.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, I didn't know I was in the presents of orginal Midwest bitches. If you're so orginal then why do you girls look like all the hipsters in an uo catalogue. You look like the 13 year-olds that wander around times square looking for the F train to Brooklyn, trying to find the latest show to go to. But you've probably never even been to Manhattan or to the northeast. The bitch with the Indian bangs looks fucking dumb.


Cheyne and Cayla said...

First you tell us we aren't pulling of the "Urban Outfitters look" and now you say we do. In the "presents," excuse me what...? I think you mean "presence." I guess Brooklyn schools aren't as top notch as they claim.

If you don't like what you see, don't read it. Don't read the blog. No one is forcing you too. But if you are going to read it, then don't complain. It is for fun. Fun. Not to waltz around claiming to be the top fashionistas out there. We like our style. If you don't, then you don't, but there's no need to be rude. Just close the page.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, I didn't pay attention to my grammar because like you said, it is a stupid fucking blog.

But what is it like fucking your family members there? You look like you get off when your brother jams you up the ass.

Cheyne and Cayla said...

I think it's quite sad that you're getting so worked up over something that is "so fucking stupid." I don't know why you keep dragging this on, but I guess you have nothing else to do. I can't imagine living in Brooklyn and throwing away my time stalking some "midwest bitches." Maybe you're too "indie" for your own good. Also, I think you're getting Oklahoma confused with Arkansas, the latter of which has the reputation for incest tendencies.

SarahLynn said...

i cant even begin to describe how many laughs im getting over how pathetic this miss "*~indie glits~*" is. i mean, she is obviously so hipster that she sits around stalking and hashing on girls that actually have originality. not only that but she uses "my chemical romance fan forum" type punctuation around her oh so original screen name. plus, grammatically, this poor child is corking ignorant. here in tulsa, we live our lives and when and if we get called indie we laugh it off because, really we dress and do whatever we want/like. if this blog is so stupid, why does she check it every day? these are the questions that haunt me.
i feel sorry for such chavs as this "indie glitz"

ps: learn how to spell glitz.