Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I've recently gone DIY crazy...all the possibilities! Probably because I've been reading too much of the Glamourai, and with all her wonderful DIY projects, how could I resist? I'm sure mine won't turn out as savvy and chic as hers, but it's always fun to try. And you may be able to see some (possibly) embarrassing before and after pictures? (:

I want to:
  • Bleach some old jeans; I'm way too cheap to buy a pre-made pair! ;D And after setting eyes on the leggings sent to the contestants for the Bluefly / StyleList America's Most Stylish Blogger Challenge, I long to bleach a pair of those as well.
  • Recreate a shredded t-shirt; Camille over at Childhood Flames has a step by step tutorial on how to create one. She even made a video. The work looks so tedious, but worth it. (:
  • Construct a chunky, colorful bauble necklace; This idea I stole from the many, many projects of The ever-so-chic Glamourai. I adore big jewelry, this is absolutely perfect for me! I stumble across loads of damaged vintage jewlery which I can never convince myself to buy, for fear I will have no way to salvage it...and it would pain me to let it just sit there, giving off the "all dressed up with no where to go," look. If jewelry can have that look to people besides me. But now I will greedily buy up everything with no feelings of anxiety. I have a feeling this project will be the first I check off my list! (:

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