Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ah, Mary

  My friend Mary Fields asked me to model for her Senior portfolio. She wants to be a photographer / graphic design artists, she's amazing! (: She's commission Sarah from Bad Penny and I to model for her, and January is now chock full of photo shoots. What a way to start off the new year. 

  While picking up my mother's (expensive) Christmas gift today, I raided the Rodarte for Target collection, and least to say, I was thoroughly impressed. So much tulle, lace, and sequins, which are exactly what I'm into right now! I scored an intricate cardigan and three dresses, which I'm sure will make their photo debut sometime soon. Possibly even tomorrow. I may be going back for some of the skirts I shied away from at first. I'm a fan of silk (especially when it's craftily covered with matching tulle). And the colors! Oh I do adore black which the collection had plenty of, and they had a nice neutral-colored dress I bought, which is surprising because I don't usually go for tans. Then there were the baby-blues and girlish-pinks...both of which I usually see as atrocious, but I found myself falling in love with each and every piece. This has definitley been one of my favorite collaborations (even more so than Anna Sui!), but do be warned...the look book is a terrible representation of the clothes. The model and the styling are horrendous, and it looks more Hot Topic than high fashion. But if you get a chance to actually see the clothes on the rack, do. It makes all the difference.

Finals have been brutal, one more day.

On Cheyne:
Black Tulip Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Grey Peacoat: Target
Grey Knit Gloves: Target
White T-Shirt: Target
Lacey Knee-Highs: Target
Black Oxfords: Good Will
Handmade Necklace: Antique Garden in Norman, Oklahoma


sarah said...

so seductive! love these! especially the last shot.

Anonymous said...

That girl wants to be a photographer? A four year old can do the same with a camera phone.

Max Rose said...

so seductive! love these! especially the last shot.