Wednesday, June 15, 2011

  Just letting everyone know that I've decided to start blogging again! The break was nice, but I miss you all. Plus I just got a new Macbook Pro...a primary reason I quit updating was because my little old Macbook was so full that I had to delete pictures anytime I wanted to save more. But luckily I got four times the memory on my new one! I'm preparing a new look for the blog pretty soon, and I've got some pretty exciting collaborations coming up! See you soon.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am contemplating deleting this. I don't keep up with it anymore, as it is so time consuming. And it used to be fun, but now it seems almost like a chore to blog. I am much more active on my Tumblr. Hmmm...what to do...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Skin in the Black of Night

  So we're on day ten of no school. We probably would've gone today, but of course it started snowing and now everything is covered in a fine layer of white. Eek at this rate I won't graduate until June! But I am really enjoying this break -I just know that when I go back I'm going to be so lazy! I've mostly been hanging out with Jackson, and we decided to bake something yesterday! We used Stumble Upon until we found something that looked good, and then we whipped up sweet potato gnocchi in a gouda cheese sauce, and then for dessert caramel flan. I was pretty impressed with our cooking abilities. More so that the flan turned out okay. Jackson kept saying how difficult it would be to make, but it was easier than the gnocchi by a long shot. Well, here are some photos! Hope you all are enjoying better weather then we are.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

All Things Must Pass

  Wakkawakka so I haven't been to school since Monday, and I haven't really even left the house much! I drove for the first time all week yesterday, and even then my mom would only let me go three miles to my friend's house. I drive a Jeep, so I've never really had a problem driving in inclement conditions. Last year the roads were much worse and I still drove all over the place. That being said, last night I couldn't get out of where I parked. Poor boys had to come and push me out. All their testosterone was going from watching UFC, they needed to be manly or something I guess. So that's pretty much a summary of my entire week, haha. And we're supposed to get more snow today and most likely will not have school Monday or Tuesday. Hmm....I'm never going to graduate! We built in five snow days and we've already used seven. Ugh, we'll be stuck in school until June!

  Ah! I braved the snow to take pictures for you all. (: But really it was so freezing cold I thought I might die. Every five photos or so I had to dash for this huge fringe jacket that belongs to someone in my family, but doesn't really quite fit any of us. I love this jacket though. I'm taking it to college with me (surprise mom!), because it kind of reminds me of home. Every time I look at it something just screams OKLAHOMA in my head, which I kind of fills me with homeland pride. I really do love my home. I used to hate it, but I've come to appreciate it over the past few years. So yeah. This jacket.

  Isn't this dress kind of lovely? I snatched it up on sale at Urban Outfitters the other day, along with this skirt that I accidently ordered twice. Too make it worse, I've lost a bit of weight and dropped to a size four and I ordered that skirt in a six and it slides down my waist. So I have to send two skirts back and explain how stupid I am. Wooooo. But the dress! Can you guys tell I'm kind of on a magenta kick? Hmm? I ought to just pile on all my magenta clothes (in reality that's only this dress and these shoes) and parade around town like Barney.

  Sorry I didn't manage to get too many detailed shots, but I was so cold nothing really mattered except getting some decent photos and getting inside to some warm tea. You can't tell much here, but I've been really into layering leg-ware lately (check out that alliteration!). But I'd forgotten about the few pairs of knee-high, thigh-high and ankle socks I have in my possession. Slide 'em right on over a pair of patterned tights and it creates so much dimension, not to mention adding extra warmth! Which I cannot have enough of in this blizzard. And this all looked pretty dang cute with my glitter oxfords, but you can't even really see them because of all the snow!

  Ah, the other night I at Jackson's we had some good old fashioned family fun, no joke! I went over and we cuddled and watched a movie while Jackson's mom did homemade banana cream pie and fries (steak too, but that's irrelevant to me). And Gentry was there and we all played Wii tennis and bowling and  boxing, oh my gosh my arms are still sore. That stuff is intense! Jackson said it was very typical high school relationship. Family bonding over video games and eating a relaxed dinner. We never do that really though, so it was a nice change. Variety is the spice of life, lalala. I even wore the silliest thing. Jeans and a white thermal with some awful designs on it (a gift) and brown boots. I felt like all the girls at my school! You know what manner of dressing I mean? I kind of looked like this, which is a bit insane because it's so outside of my style. 

  Sorry this post was kind of photo-heavy, but after you stand out freezing in the snow for photos, it makes you want to show them all off! Doesn't Goose look adorable? We took him out and he just runs at the snow and dives into it, head first. And he buried himself in it and bounced around like a gazelle....I wish I had a video! I snapped a few photos of him looking all snowball and cute, but Jackson took a few on film that I'll show you whenever he gets them developed. Jackson has a Tumblr where he's been posting some of the photos he's taken, and they're really quite beautiful! Check it out! Warm wishes to you all! :3

What I'm Wearing:
Magenta Drop Waist Dress: Urban Outfitters
Polka Dot Thigh-Highs: Walmart
Knee-High Grey & Black Socks: Target
Glitter Oxfords: Forever 21
Black Lace Bustier: Modcloth
Oklahoma Fringe Coat: ?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Does the Soul Hallucinate?

  Ah, look at me in semi-sheer tights and no jacket! It was seventy six degrees on Saturday. In January. Only in Oklahoma, our weather is kind of insane. It was so nice that I drove all the way out to Sand Springs to go camping with Jordan and Steele and friends. It was all fun until we woke up at 3AM cold as fuck and then we all had to sleep in Steele's car. I slept sitting with my face in my lap. And then I had to wake up at eight on Sunday morning with a hangover, an aching back, and a splinter, then drive all the way home to get ready for work at ten. It was kind of awful, but it was worth it. And today there was snow up to our porch door handle, no joke! But that means no school today or tomorrow. >:D

  All day when I was wearing this people kept thinking it was a dress, but it's actually a skirt and a body suit! Isn't it wonderful? Long sleeve, soft cotton and made to look like a tuxedo, it's perfect! The only bad thing is my boobs are too big for my waist size and they actually caused it to rip at the seaming in the chest. I safety pinned it back together, which may look a little silly, but I'll send it to the tailor's pretty soon to be fixed. I got it from the Zac Posen for Target collection so I'm kind of surprised it ripped that easily. Usually the Target / designer collaborations are pretty high quality. Hmm...I haven't been to Target in a long time. Maybe once this blizzard is over, I will.

  I really love this skirt. Or well, I think it's a skirt. I got it at Salvation Army (or Goodwill? I don't remember), and the material feels like spandex, so part of me wants to think it used to be a piece to a figure skating or dance costume. Either way, I love it! It's the perfect length, black so I can wear it with anything, and I love the cut. Plus when you spin around it looks so pretty. How could I resist?

  And my favorite part of this outfit, the shoes! They're so bold, I feel in love with them as soon as I laid eyes on them in the Urban Outfitters catalogue. But the price deterred me until (almost instantly, it seems) UO ran a three-day special 20% off full price shoes code. And then I was won and placed an order, and I don't regret it one bit. These magenta babies are gorgeous in every single way. I was afraid they'd be flimsy (I have a similar style bootie by Ecote I got off UO awhile back), but they're actually pretty nice quality! And the color...magenta just kills me. I think they made the outfit.

  It's been awhile since you guys have seen these precious heart tights, and it's been awhile for me! The last time I wore these was in New York, so about six months ago! I actually left all my tights in New York, and I thought I lost them until Carey texted me in September saying she found a box full and wondered if they were mine. And then they were zipped home in the post, but these heart tights were no where to be found. I had been trying to replace these and I couldn't find them anywhere (Forever 21 changes their stock so quickly, almost daily, it's kind of ridiculous!). I don't know what happened, if they were caught in another pair or if I just didn't see them, but the other day I was looking for my polka dot tights and I mistook these for them. Maybe the best mistake I've ever made!

  Well, I'll be taking these two snow days as an opportunity to organize my closet (unlikely), get all the clothes out of my car, listen to Local Natives (I've been on a kick with them lately), fill out the FAFSA & the NCP, clean out my computer (I ran out of space! Too many blog pictures... :D), watch Lost...etc etc. I love you all. Or well, most of you. (:

What I'm Wearing:
Black Tuxedo Body Suit: Zac Posen for Target
Black Figure Skater Skirt: Salvation Army (or Goodwill?)
Black Heart Tights: Forever 21
Magenta Booties: Urban Outfitters
Red Stained Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Black & Silver Belt: Goodwill

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heavy Eyes

  It's back! It's been awhile, way too long in fact, but the Divine Swappings of a Blogging Sisterhood is getting back in the action. Maggie, Hope and I are zipping packages of pretty things through the mail right now, and I'm so glad to be getting back into the swing of things. Saying I missed blogging was a bit of an understatement.

  So this is the third posts of DSBS, and this time I was so excited to get to send out something of my own to style! This is one of my most favorite dresses. I especially love the chiffon printed skirt. It's so bold, but not overwhelming. And the crimson ruffled top makes it feel even more feminine, which I love. It's breezy and perfect for summer, or winter if you add some layers and tights.

  I feel like styling my own item was more difficult than something of Maggie's or Hope's. Because I've already worn this a few times, so it was like I had a set image of how I wear this piece. I usually grab a dark cardigan and ankle booties with simple black tights, but this time I took it in a completely different direction. I layered my black lace bustier to create contrast (plus it makes me feel super sexy...), and a waist belt to add definition. I know many people avoid mixing black and brown, but I think those colors are so essential in a wardrobe that it's impossible to keep them apart.

  And finally for an extra pop of color, my favorite electric blue kitten heels. I feel in love with them the moment I saw them, plus they're via Salvation Army. Cheap is good. The only bad thing is the grip on one of the heels is wearing down. But that's what you get from second hand shoes. 

  I love how different each of our looks were! Maggie's cheerful yellow scarf pops and her patterned tights add texture without distracting from the print of the skirt. And Hope kept it chic with dark additions and killer shoes. These ladies are really lovely. Next swap post within a month. Sending you all my love.

Printed Chiffon Dress: Franchesca's
Black Lace Bustier: Modcloth
Brown Waist Belt: Kohl's
Electric Blue Kitten Heels: Salvation Army